Aksually is the online alias of Estonian YouTuber and Twitch streamer Aksel who rose to fame for his collaborative streams with other internet personalities including Quackity, Hooverr, and Wildspartanz. He mostly uploaded commentary type video on his main channel Aksually, but also had a second vlogging channel called aksually aksel. He is currently inactive on YouTube, but continues to livestream on Twitch.


Aksually created his YouTube channel on February 24, 2015, although his earliest video, titled My country's government made a video game..., is from September 2018. The video featured his friend and fellow YouTuber Quackity, whom he had originally met on a Disney multiplayer game, Toontown, when both of them revisited it for a last time before it shut down on September 19, 2013. They became best friends and continued to collaborate on videos as Aksually continued to upload more video game related short commentary videos featuring various games including Roblox and Fortnite.

While Quackity regularly featured on most of his videos, he also featured many of his other friends including Samuel (Bassed on YouTube), Wildspartanz, Hooverr and Kane (KetchupToontown on a now-deleted channel). Other than video game commentary, they also made commentary on random stuff on the internet such as top posts on Reddit threads like r/thathappened and r/lewronggeneration. Apart from his main channel, he also had a second channel called aksually aksel where he only posted a few videos. While he gained a sizeable following on YouTube, he stopped posting on both his channels after his last video, The Evolution of Justin Bieber, in December 2019. However, he abruptly uploaded one small clip called Subway Has Left Estonia on his second channel in October 2022.

Family Life

Aksually, real name Aksel, has one older sister. He also has a niece. When he was a child, he had a dog named Kubu who died when he was five. He later adopted a cat named Lola. When he was a child, to keep him on his best behavior, his grandmother had convinced him that the house would burn down if he whistled indoors and he did not question that claim until 2017. In a Tweet from August 30, 2021, he admitted to being a Neurodivergent Bisexual. In another Tweet from March 2022, he revealed getting a monkey tattoo.

He eventually met Quackity in real life for the first time at VidCon in August 2019. However, he later confirmed in a Twitch stream that they gradually drifted away due to their different interests and were no longer friends. He is also good friends with fellow YouTubers Weston Koury and Dylan “Chills”, who once called him “Chicken Little looking ass” because of his resemblance to the main character wearing glasses in the 3D movie Chicken Little (2005). While Aksually never revealed his face on his main channel videos, he didn’t try to hide it on his Instagram post, so his identity is not a secret. He has also used facecam in his videos on his second channel aksually aksel.