Alex Clark is an American YouTuber, comedy vlogger, former street performer, and animator best known for his self-titled YouTube channel on which he shares animated videos covering various topics, as well as comedy skits, pranks, challenges, and other regular YouTube stuff. He also has a secondary channel called AlexClarkLive and is active on other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. He has received four People's Choice Awards and was nominated at the 2017 Streamy Awards.

Early Life

Alex Clark graduated from a performing arts high school in Massachusetts. He learnt to juggle when he was in high school and started his entertainment career as a street performer in Boston, where he performed for tourists outside the shops at Faneuil Hall.


Alex Clark joined YouTube on December 2, 2009 and started posting on his channel, titled It's Alex Clark, five days later. His early videos included random content like news videos, sketches, and parodies. He also shared videos of him performing on the streets. However, Alex, who had become interested in art and cartoons as a child, was inspired to try those out again after watching videos made by one of YouTube's first animators, Swoozie. He began uploading animation videos in November 2012, and his first animated story video, ‘How To Meet A Hot Girl’, was very popular among his audience, which prompted him to transition his channel fully towards animated content.

Alex Clark has since then continued to post mostly animated videos on the channel, which was later renamed to just Alex Clark. Over the years, he has also made a few popular animated series such as ‘Pickle Dipper’, which is about a superhero who can summon weaponized pickles; ‘Ben and Beans’, about two idiot best friends who haphazardly end up in trouble; ‘The Babysitter’, which chronicles him dating his babysitter, and ‘How I Met My Cute Wife’, a comedic story about how he met and began dating his wife.


Alex Clark was also involved in a controversy after fellow YouTuber Jaiden Animations made the video titled Why I Don’t Have a Face Reveal, in which she claimed that an unspecified vlogger used uncensored footage of her face despite her actively asking them not to do so. Because Clark had deleted his 2016 VidCon and Disney day vlog in April 2017, it was believed that he was the unspecified vlogger, although he did not comment on the incident until March 2023, when he mentioned apologizing to her in private.

Family Life

Alex Clark grew up with two younger sisters Arianna, and Aubrey, and refers to Aubrey as his “evil sister” in his animations, while he portrays his father, Scott, as a notorious cheapskate who will do anything to save money. Other characters to feature in his animations include his wife Pam, who is also a YouTuber and owner of the DIY review channel PamOnSunset. He once won a greeting card-making competition when he was a child. He participated in Mr. Beasts’ Team Trees Charity event in 2019.