Alexia Marano is a social media content creator from Ottawa, Canada who has gained popularity with her You Tube channel where she shares funny reaction-style videos based on current trends and games. On her other channel, she has shared pranks, challenges and ASMR related videos.

Rise to Fame

Alexia Marano rose to fame with her AnythingAlexia You Tube channel which she launched in November 2020. Here, her content that are primarily reaction-style videos based on current trends and games have earned her over a couple of million subscribers on the platform. She has another You Tube channel – AnythingAlexia2 – where she uploads her pranks, challenges and ASMR videos. She is also a part of the Nuggyland channel (launched January 2022) which follows a family of animated chicken nuggets (Baby Nuggy, Saucy, Dippy, & Alexia!) who go on wild & crazy adventures.

She has released two singles – Nuggies Are My Family! (2022) and Dipping Sauce Song! (2023) – the official music videos of which are available on her You Tube channel.

She has also launched her merchandise which includes T Shirts, hoodies and plush toys.

Family Life

Alexia Marano, along with her brother, grew up in Ottawa, Canada. Her father’s name is Frank Marano. Her father had a genetic condition called Alport syndrome and in one of her You Tube videos, she requested her audience to help her find a kidney donor for him. Her efforts yielded positive results and her father found a donor.


Alexia Marano is the ex-girlfriend of the famous Canadian You Tuber Jason Ethier or ImJayStation. Jason Ethier posted a video on his You Tube channel in which he said that Alexia had died after being hit by a drunk driver. This was a fake news as Alexia was very much alive. Jason faced backlash for the video. He said that she was a part of the plan from the very beginning. On her part, Alexia said she never wanted to be a part of this hoax video but helped him out of fear.