Alexis Marie, also known as Alexis Lucas, is an American social media star, vlogger, model and athlete best known for her self-titled YouTube channel on which she mostly uploads vlogs, story-time videos, and beauty and fashion videos. She has also appeared on the channel of her sister and YouTuber Dez Machado and shares the channel The Mixed SIX with her family members. A soccer lover, she has appeared in several soccer-related videos on her channel and others’ channels.

Early Life

Alexis Marie fell in love with soccer at an early age and played the sport while attending Bakersfield High School. She later played soccer at Fresno City College.


Alexis Marie initially had another now-deleted channel, on which she had uploaded the video R&B PLAYLIST WITH MY BESTFRIEND. Her current channel was created in August 2017 and the first video on the channel, GIVING MY SISTER A MAKEOVER, was uploaded in May 2018. In the following months, she continued to post vlogs, beauty and makeup tutorials, story-time videos, GRWM (Get Ready with Me) videos, shopping hauls, and travel, fashion and sports videos. She has featured her younger sisters in her channel and has also appeared in her sister Dez aka Desiree’s channel. Along with her mother, stepfather, sister and two stepsisters, she also shares the YouTube channel The Mixed SIX. Moreover, she has featured in the channels of fellow soccer players and social media stars Gerohan Irias aka Gero and Santiago Albarran aka Santea.

Family Life

Alexis Marie Machado was born to Mexican mother Marianne and Japanese father Victor Machado. She is the older of two siblings and has a sister named Desiree “Dez” Machado. Her parents are divorced, with her mother being married to a man named Rudy Lucas. From that relationship, she has two step-sisters named Victoria and Rachel. She and her sister Desiree, who grew up alongside their stepsisters, have a good relationship with their stepfather and use his surname in official records in school and college. Like her, her sister Desiree is also a YouTuber who was previously known by the name Desdamona and the primary channel Dez Machado. Alexis moved out of her family home in Tehachapi and rented a room in Bakersfield in order to attend college and soccer practice in Fresno.

It was through her love for soccer that she met her Mexican boyfriend, Michael Maris, whom she had introduced to her viewers through the video CITY GIRL DOWN meet my mandilón. While she was playing on the field one day, she noticed him for the first time cheering her by calling her by her jersey number “three”. Interestingly, when they met again at a players’ circle, she took Snapchat ids of two other players, but was too shy to ask for his. Nevertheless, they got in touch soon and exchanged numbers, and started talking non-stop ever since. She and her boyfriend later moved to Mexico.