Alina Kim, better known online as Homa or Homm9k, is a social media content creator from Kazakhstan who has gained massive popularity on TikTok with her lip-syncing uploads and trendy dance videos. She is one of the biggest influencers in Kazakhstan and also one of the most followed TikTok stars in the world. She also has a You Tube channel where she primarily uploads short videos. She will soon be seen in a drama series ‘Target’.

Social Media Career

Alina Kim rose to popularity with her homm9k TikTok account which she started in May 2018. With her lip sync, dance and short comedy videos, she has attracted a fanbase which has already crossed the 50 million-mark. In one of her early videos, she is seen dressed up as character Stitch from Chris Sanders written, directed, and starrer animated science fiction comedy-drama film Lilo & Stitch. For yet another lip sync and dance video, she used pop singer Becky G's song, ‘Shower’. Alina likes to wear colourful hair and makeup for her videos. In several of her videos, she can be seen wearing a Naruto-style headband.

Alina has also been a part of a TikTok collaborative group called Yolo House. The group was created in 2020 and has Radion, Bakiyeva Adalyat, Tomi Dany, Batyr White, Aslan Serikov (Japyr667), Renat Isirailov (rendi_popping) and Alina Kan as its other members. The group creates and shares lip sync, dance performances and skits on their channel.

She launched her You Tube channel in May 2019 and has since then uploaded multiple videos, mostly shorts, to entertain her audience. Other than these, she has uploaded a vlog and mukbang video too. On her channel, the number of subscribers has already exceeded 2 million.

In 2020, together with Adaliatta, she released her song ‘Новая страница’ (‘New Page’). In the year 2022, she was signed for the fantasy adventure drama series ‘Target’ which is co-produced by JKS Entertainment and 1OS Studios. The 8-episodes show is set in an elite private high school.

Family Life

Alina Kim is of Korean- Kazakhstan ethnicity. Her father is a South Korean while her mother’s native land is Kazakhstan.