British YouTuber Ally Law has gained immense fame and criticism with his parkour videos on YouTube. His content shows him breaking into private properties, climbing up buildings illegally, and escaping from legal authorities. He has also been warned several times and has even been imprisoned for his stunts too. Apart from his 2 YouTube channels, he is also popular on Instagram and has penned an autobiography.

Early Life

Alistair Law, better known as Ally Law, is originally from Southampton, England. He studied at The Hamble School and Oasis Academy Mayfield. He quit school in 2013. At Hamble, he excelled in football by age 7.

He started playing video games at 13. However, before stating his parkour career at 16, he was mostly found wasting his days in his bed.

Social Media Career

Ally Law shot to fame with his 2 YouTube channels: his self-titled channel, which he launched on December 2, 2014, and a secondary channel, AllyLawsLife, which he started on August 22, 2018.

He has, over the years, entertained his fans on YouTube with his eyeball-grabbing parkour videos, that show him breaking into public properties, escaping from the police and legal authorities, and performing stunts, such as climbing up properties illegally. His stunts have taken him to places such as Dubai, Melbourne, Barcelona, and Bangkok.

The first video that made him a viral sensation showed him on top of buildings in Southampton city center and was created with the help of a GoPro camera. By 2015, he was covered in the Southern Daily Echo for stunts on the Dumbleton Towers.

In May 2018, Ally tied up with Nullstack Limited to start a subscription website service that included content restricted on YouTube. He has also collaborated with YouTubers such as KSI and Jake Paul.

He is equally popular on Instagram, where his account, mrallylaw, has amassed thousands of followers. The account also showcases many photos of him riding his orange-colored Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle. He has hosted the podcast Life's a Madness and owns the coffee brand Mad Coffee too.


Ally Law is quite the controversy’s child and has been in trouble multiple times for trespassing. In July 2017, because of trespassing into Thorpe Park to climb the Stealth roller coaster, he was banned from all Merlin Entertainment theme and amusement parks all over the world.

He has also, over the years, been criticized by politicians, police, and the general public for his trespassing ways. He has climbed up Dumbleton Towers illegally, has trespassed into Manchester’s Etihad Stadium, and climbed up the Pyramids of Giza. He was also once imprisoned for stealing a tea bag and has been in trouble many times with the Hampshire Constabulary.

Personal life

Ally is a qualified carpenter. He is a vegetarian and a teetotaller too. In December 2020, he released his memoir, Living on the Edge.  He sports a tattoo on his chest, which states his motto, “No Limits.”

It is not clear if he is dating someone. In the past, he has been romantically linked with YouTuber Andrea Espada, Instagram influencer Aleisha Hudson, and even TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio.