Canadian YouTuber and dancer Andrew Curtis is best known for his dance tutorials and his extreme flexibility stunts on YouTube. He is equally popular on TikTok too. He was 11 when he had decided he wished to take up dance as a serious career choice. He mimics dancers in a funny way in his videos. Over the years, he has also promoted several brands on his social media channels and been the brand ambassador for TurnBoard.

Early Life

Andrew Curtis grew up in Ontario, Canada. Not much is known about his early life, except that he had decided he wanted to dance when he was about 11 years old. He also once stated in a Q&A that he developed a serious passion for dance after watching The Next Step.

Social Media Career

On April 19, 2017, Andrew launched his YouTube channel.  However, his first video on the channel, Welcome to my channel! Q&A, was uploaded on July 17, 2017. Over the years, he has amassed over 467,000 subscribers on the channel. His content mostly consists of his feats of extreme flexibility. He is also known for his vlogs, gymnastic tutorials, and dance routines.

Two of his most-watched videos on YouTube are Me trying to be SOFIE DOSSI *hilarious*, which has garnered over 97 million views, and Me trying to be DEREK PIQUETTE *hilarious*, which has amassed more than 28 million views. He mostly mimics contortionists and dancers in a funny way. His other popular videos are Me trying to be BRYNN RUMFALLO *hilarious*, Me trying to be ANNA MCNULTY *hilarious*, and ME trying to be MAESI CAES *hilarious*.

Andrew is equally popular on TikTok, where he has gained over 219 million likes and more than 3 million followers. On Instagram, he has garnered more than 73,000 followers. Andrew also has over 3,000 followers on Twitter.

He has represented the ballet equipment company TurnBoard as its brand ambassador and has also promoted various other brands through his social media channels. He is managed by the agency Viral Nation.

Family Life

Andrew Curtis has often featured his twin sister, Amy, on his channel. He has a beauty spot over his right upper lip.

Apart from dancing, he also loves to sing, eat, and play video games. Andre is a vegetarian. He once said in a Q&A video that he wished to visit Kolkata in India someday.