Anna Campbell is an American YouTuber who is best known for her eponymous channel on which she uploads vlogs, challenges, tutorials, comic skits and story time videos covering topics like psychology, mental health, sexuality and the dark web. She is active on Instagram and Twitter with the handle @annataughtyou. She also has an inactive vlog channel called Daily Anna and previously collaborated with Tana Mongeau and several other YouTubers on the Trash channel.

Early Life

Anna Campbell studied psychology in college and worked part-time as a mental health specialist in Massachusetts.


Anna Campbell created her self-titled YouTube channel back in January 2007, but her oldest video, titled No Doubt-Hey Baby, in which she lip-synced with a friend, was uploaded in August 2009. She next uploaded a road trip video with her friends in 2010. Her third video, in which she claimed to share Nicki Minaj’s phone number, received a lot views. However, it is her video titled The Trick to Being Skinny that earned her viral fame. Unfortunately, her channel has since then went through a serious purge, and the oldest video that is still currently publicly available is from August 2016. Her channel rose in popularity after she started to collaborate with fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau on the channel, Trash, in November 2016.

Her personal channel now contains a variety of content including vlogs, challenges, funny videos, and skits. She has also started a few popular series such as Drive with Me, Life of Anna and Timmy, and Story Time Sunday. She has openly talked about her struggles with mental health issues through videos like SCHIZOPHRENIA // MENTAL HEALTH, BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER (CLASSIC & QUIET) // MENTAL HEALTH, PSYCHOSIS, OPENING UP ABOUT MY PTSD FOR THE FIRST TIME and so on. Moreover, she has opened up about her sexuality in a series of videos such as NOT YOUR TYPICAL COMING OUT VIDEO, Am I GAY?, SIGNS I LIKED GIRLS GROWING UP, HOW I KNEW I WAS ACTUALLY GAY, etc. She has further made videos talking about her numerous tattoos.

Family Life

Anna Campbell suffered from depression when her mother was battling cancer. She has mentioned being bisexual and having relationships with both men and women during her college years. After she worked with Natalia Taylor on Trash, it was rumored that they cheated on their respective partners with each other during a Trash channel trip to LA. She opened up about their relationship in the video, NOT YOUR TYPICAL COMING OUT VIDEO, in which she claimed that they were “outed” against their will. Since then, she has publicly dated more women including Taylor Pendergraff, Ellosteph, Andie and Kaylee Jade. She has featured them on her YouTube channel, and her OnlyFans account, where she sells adult content. However, in June 2021, Natalia, Taylor, and Kaylee jointly accused Campbell of abuse and glorifying hard drugs in their relationships, while Taylor also claimed that Campbell raped her. She has also been accused of "grooming" her girlfriends by her former fans.