Anthony JKrew is a member of the JKrew family YouTube channel which uploads fun challenges, pranks, DIY videos, vlogs, and fun games for the whole family. He also appears on the family gaming channel, JKrew Gaming, and his sisters’ channels like Cilla and Maddy and Bini n Jini. The family also has a shorts channel, JKrew Shorts. He further features on the family Instagram profile @jkrewfam and used to appear on their TikTok profile before it got banned.

Social Media Journey

Anthony JKrew has been appearing on their family YouTube channel, JKrew, since their first video, GOLDFISH CHALLENGE!, in April 2017. The family YouTube channel was originally created because the family felt that they were “drifting away” from the rest of the family because of Josh aka JDad’s professional obligations serving in the U.S. Marine Corps. The family, which shifts base and travels a lot, had created the channel to keep in touch with loved family members. However, they were surprised to see that a lot of outsiders were regularly watching their videos that ranged from various challenges and vlogs to the kids experiencing new food or playing with slimes and toys. In fact, the channel surpassed one million subscribers in early 2023.

As their popularity grew on the internet, they made a separate gaming channel for the kids, called JKrew Gaming, in September 2020. On the channel, Anthony and his siblings play games such as Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft. Anthony has further appeared on the YouTube channel Bini n Jini, which his elder sister Bini shares with her South Korean partner Jini Woojin. He has also appeared occasionally on the joint channel of his sisters Priscilla and Maddy, called Cilla and Maddy, which is primarily focused on makeup, fashion and beauty content. He regularly features on the family Instagram profile @jkrewfam, as well as TikTok profile, although the latter got banned. However, they often recreate their old TikTok videos or trends by other popular TikTok stars, for their YouTube videos.

Family Life

Anthony JKrew’s father Josh, who is originally from Bolivia, South America, is a U.S. Marine. His mother, Sandy aka JMom, is a stay-at-home mother with German and Middle-Eastern ancestry. He has three older sisters named Sabrina aka Bini, Priscilla aka Cilla, and Maddy, and a younger brother named Liam. Interestingly, Bini is more than a decade older than her next sibling, Priscilla, while the rest of the four siblings were born a few years apart. His mother homeschools the four younger children: Priscilla, Maddy, Anthony and Liam, while the eldest child, Bini, serves as the editor behind the JKrew YouTube channel. According to his mother Sandy, all the social media accounts used by the children are actually managed by the parents. Anthony has two pet dogs named Teddy and Bear.