ASMR Glow, real name Sharon Dubois, is an Israeli ASMRtist and YouTuber who is best known for her ASMR Glow channel on which she shares relaxing ASMR content, giving personal attention to her viewers. As it is the most-requested trigger from her audience, she also makes at least one mouth-noise video each month. She has a secondary channel called Shaz for vlogs, song covers, etc.

Early Life

After spending the first five years of her life in Israel, ASMR Glow was raised in France until she completed her school education. She then moved to the UK to study law for three years at the University of Essex, following which she returned to Israel to study psychology for three years. She subsequently moved to the US to pursue her master’s degree before shifting back to France to settle there. She can not only speak in English, French and Hebrew, but also understands German and Spanish and has studied Palestinian Arabic.


ASMR Glow, who suffered from insomnia in high school, discovered ASMR after having a strange but relaxing sensation while watching a video with her brother that the latter had recommended. She became curious and started watching such videos regularly. She joined YouTube in October 2016 and uploaded her first ASMR video, ASMR Getting Ready For Bed (Lotion Sounds, Hair Brushing, Cottons, Tapping...), the same month. In the following months, she continued to post more and more ASMR videos to help her viewers relax. Some of her early videos to earn a lot of popularity are ASMR Fixing You Whispered Roleplay (Gloves Sounds, Face Brushing, Scratching Sounds And +) and ASMR Haircut Role Play (Scalp Massage, Shaving, Hair Brushing, Hair Inspection, Shampoo...). She was interviewed by PayPal Honey in April 2019, when she had 777k subscribers, and had featured in an article by The News Virginian in March 2020 after surpassing one million subscribers.

Apart from her ASMR channel, she also owns a second channel called Shaz, which was actually created earlier in January 2012, although she started uploading videos on it in May 2017 with the video Maman Song fête des mères. After posting several song covers, she began sharing behind-the-scenes bloopers on the channel, as well as clips from Twitch streams, dance videos, cooking videos, travel vlogs and makeup videos.

Family Life

ASMR Glow was born as Sharon Dubois into a Jewish family and was raised alongside a brother named Johan Dubois, who is a photographer, and three sisters. She mentioned in an interview that while she cherishes the fact that she has received messages from soldiers, moms, and bullied kids telling her she helps them daily, she has also received racist or sexist comments, which she resents.

After completing her studies and returning to France, she got engaged to her partner. She has made a series of videos featuring her partner called Boyfriend Tries ASMR on Me, although without showing his face or revealing his identity. She also made several videos in the series Boyfriend Ruins My Makeup.