Azra Mian is a social media star who rose to fame with her twin sister Aisha on their shared YouTube channel MianTwins. The twins were also members of the twin-centered channel Squared. As part of the influencer group Triller Compound, they appeared on the reality series House of Creators. They also co-host the All Access with Azra & Aisha podcast. Personally, she has a huge following on her TikTok handle @azramian and her Instagram handle @azramian.

Early Life

After completing school graduation, Azra Mian and Aisha attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, although they dropped out to focus on their social media career.


At 13, Azra Mian and her twin sister Aisha were inspired by twin creators like The Dolan Twins and Brooklyn and Bailey to start their own YouTube channel, MianTwins, in January 2014. They initially made videos about their routine, showed off their outfits, made beauty and hair tutorials and vlogged about their school life. After they amassed a sizeable following with Get Ready With Me videos, Q&A’s, and travel vlogs, they were invited to be a part of the Squared YouTube channel, which is specifically dedicated towards twin-related content, in 2017. They made many videos for the channel, even featuring their father and sisters, between 2017 and 2019, when the channel was abandoned.

In July 2021, the twins told Dixie D’Amelio on The Early Late Night Show that they had about 300k followers until August 2020, when one of their TikTok videos went viral and earned over 85 million views, boosting their followers past one million overnight. That year, she and her sister joined the Triller Compound content house. They went on to star on the 2021 Facebook Watch reality series House of Creators, based on the lives of the TikTokers living in the Triller Compound. She has further appeared on the miniseries Netflix Dreams and the series More Than Just Me. Along with Aisha, she started hosting the All Access with Azra & Aisha podcast on their YouTube channel in February 2022.

Family Life

Azra Mian and her twin sister Aisha were born nine minutes apart, although one naturally and the other through a C-section. She was born to an Albanian mother and a Pakistani father, Suhai aka Rocky. She also has two older sisters named Jannat and Jasmina. She is fluent in Urdu. Raised in a traditional Muslim household, she has shared experience of Ramadan fasting with viewers. On The Good Boys Podcast in 2022, she and Aisha revealed the “odd” and “unexplainable” twin phenomenon that they can’t feel each other while hugging.

She has been speculated to be in a relationship with England midfielder Jude Bellingham ever since fans learned that they follow each other on social media. More concrete evidence appeared in September 2023 when she was spotted texting him. As Azra prepared for her sister’s wedding, she was caught on camera holding her phone with a conversation with Jude visible where she told him about her plans for the day.