Backwithali is a popular social media star primarily known for his TikTok profile @backwithali. He also had an alt account, @backupwithali, which got deactivated by TikTok, following which he tried to get it back by asking his fans for support. He is active on the YouTube channel Backwithali and on the Instagram handle @itswithali. He also has a Discord server.


Backwithali started his TikTok journey in December 2020 and became known for his situational comedy videos about friendship that usually starts with the phrase "that one friend who..." He also often posts the “Fake body no one was harmed or bullied...” series of videos, sometimes merging both types together. His other videos include playing video games like Fortnite, or playing outdoor games like football with his friends. Also a dance, he posted dances from games like Fortnite on the platform, many of which went viral. He posts TikTok stitches and duet videos as well. He hit one million followers on the platform in August 2022, but shortly after, his account got banned, although he seems to have got back his account. One of his most popular videos is about hearing his own voice in a video, which has received over nine million views on TikTok and is also his most viewed Short on YouTube.

He joined YouTube on October 1, 2019, but began posting on the platform on April 16, 2022, when he uploaded the video “THE BACKROOMS!!”, playing the Rec Room strategy horror game The Backrooms All Seeing. In August that year, he began posting Shorts on the platform, mostly reposting his popular videos from TikTok, starting with one titled That one friend that eats to fast. Since then, he has posted only three longer videos on the platform, one featuring the video game Fall Guys, another titled TRY NOT TO LAUGH GONE WRONG…, and finally a recreation of the 2022 World Cup Football Final match between Argentina and France with his friends. He has mentioned that he has plans to recreate more football games in the future. He, however, has consistently posted Short videos over the year.

Family Life

Although Backwithali has been described as born and raised in the United States, he uses “LB”, the regional indicator symbol for Lebanon on his TikTok profile, pointing to his Middle Eastern origin. He has also often portrayed the characters of his father and mother in his videos, labeling them as “Arab dad” and “Arab mom”.