American Instagram star Badkidlondyn has gained a huge fan base as a toddler. Her real name is Londyn Johnson. The daughter of YouTube stars Funny Mike and Jaliyah Monet, she has her own Instagram account and has garnered over 5,000 followers on it. She is also part of the social media collective and rap group Tha Bad Kids. She debuted on Instagram when her parents posted a photo of her ultrasound on the platform in 2019 and welcomed her to this world.

Early Life

Badkidlondyn was born Londyn Johnson. She is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US. Long before she became a social media sensation, she debuted on Instagram with a post on February 12, 2019. It was a photo of her ultrasound uploaded by her parents and was captioned, “Baby londyn is almost here.”

Social Media Career

Badkinlondyn shot to fame with her Instagram account, titled badkidlondyn. She has amassed more than 5,600 followers on the platform. Her Instagram account once featured a clip showing her walking over to a Lamborghini with her father.

She has also gained fame as part of the social media collective and rap group known as Tha Bad Kids and is popularly known as the Princess of the Bad Kids. She is also known to her fans as the daughter of popular YouTuber couple FunnyMike and Jaliyah, who run the joint channel The MJ Family.

Tha Bad Kids has been featured on FunnyMike’s YouTube channel. Besides her, the group also has members such as BadKid Bam, BadKid Dejah, Bad Kid Mykel, Bad Kid Tray, Bad Kid Jakari, and Adonis Martinez.

FunnyMike’s personal YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. Badkidlondyn is also popular on the Instagram channel of her collective, badkids, which has garnered over 63,000 followers.

Family Life

Badkidlondyn is one of the two children of MacArthur Johnson (popularly known as Funny Mike, Young 22, and 22 Savage) and Jaliyah Monet. Besides her father, who is a prominent social media sensation, her mother, Jaliyah, too is popular on social media as Life of Jaliyah.

Badkidlondyn grew up with her younger brother, MacAuthor Johnson Jr., who was born in July 2020.