Bazza Gazza is an Australian gamer and live-streamer best known for his gaming content on his primary YouTube channel of the same name on which he covers games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Fortnite, Overwatch 2, Minecraft, and GTA V. He also streams on his Twitch profile Bazza, has a secondary YouTube channel called BazzaLIVE, and is active on most other social media platforms. He was previously a member of the Click House with fellow gamers like Muselk, Crayator, Marcus, Loserfruit, and Lazarbeam. His most popular roleplay character is Barry Benson.

Social Media Career

Bazza Gazza created the Bazza Gazza YouTube channel in May 2015 and uploaded his first video, An average day in H1Z1, in October that year. He initially started playing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game with his crew of other YouTuber friends and became known for his competitive gaming and humorous content. Later, following most of his friends, he migrated towards making videos about the Overwatch game.

As his popularity grew, he gained the attention of other big YouTubers such as Zylbrad, Saltyphish, and Muselk. He eventually started playing Fortnite in season 4 and 5 with YouTubers like Muselk and Crayator, which further increased his popularity. He also went live with them and other YouTubers such as Marcus, Loserfruit, and Lazarbeam. The gaming YouTubers and streamers were collectively the members of the Australian YouTube group Click House and became popular for their Fortnite content. He was a member of the house for two years before leaving.

He later began making a mix of Minecraft and VRchat videos, but after GTA V's NoPixel 3.0 server came out, he started to focus solely on that game on his Twitch profile Bazza, which was previously known as BazzaGazza. He has been a part of the NoPixel community since March 2021 and is best known for roleplaying as his most popular character, Barry Benson, a loyal and hardworking man who is the Prime Minister of the Bondi Boys Motor Club.

On YouTube, he continued to make Minecraft videos, but mentioned reinstalling Overwatch in August 2020, and returning to Overwatch 2 in May 2022, following which he also made his friends return to that game. He has been making only Overwatch 2 content on YouTube for over a year now. Apart from his primary channel with nearly a million subscribers, he also has a live-streaming channel called BazzaLIVE, which he set up in September 2020. Because he himself does not maintain an official VOD account, some of his fans have set up the fan-made channel BazzaGazza VODs as storage of his archived videos. The channel has been uploading his VODs since November 2020.

Family Life

Bazza Gazza was born as Brodey Rogan de Meur. His online alias is derived from his nickname, which is Bazza or Bazz. In real life he looks disturbingly like the GTA6 leaked prototype character.