Beckham Nelson is one of 16 children in the family of Bruce “Benji” Nelson and Tiffany Nelson known for their family YouTube channel Not Enough Nelsons. He regularly appears on the channel alongside his 15 siblings in mostly vlogs, skits, and challenge type videos. Apart from that channel, he also appears in the secondary channel, NEN FAM, and channels of his siblings like JUSTKASS and KennaDee Kay and family profiles on Instagram and TikTok.


Beckham Nelson rose to fame on the family YouTube channel, Not Enough Nelsons, which was created in December 2018 by his older sister Kass who wanted to vlog about her huge and crazy family of 18, according to their first YouTube video. Beckham appeared alongside the rest of the family and they continued to share vlogs, skits, and challenges involving the whole family. The channel started to gain popularity after they introduced the 24 Hours Challenges. They also gradually started to reveal more details about the whole family, like who were adopted and what their names were before adoption. They eventually moved outside YouTube to other platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

While he regularly appears in almost all videos, he has also been featured on several videos centered upon himOne of their most watched videos is also about him getting injured in a school accident, for which he had to be hospitalized. While many of the older Nelson kids have their personal social media profiles, Beckham does not have any yet.

Family Life

Beckham Nelson was born as Tuff Knight. His biological mother, Amy, passed away in 2023. The Nelsons, who had already adopted his older half-siblings LiLee, SaiDee, and Luke in 2009, were called by the police to pick him up from the hospital when he was just two days old. By that time, the family was also fostering his older half-sister, DeLayNee, and his full biological sister, ElleCee. Months later, in September that year, he was adopted by the Nelsons along with DeLayNee and ElleCee. He was named Beckham Ryder Nelson, after English soccer legend David Beckham, and is often called by nicknames like Mr. B, Beck, and B-Man.

After being adopted by Bruce Edward Nelson II aka Benji and Tiffany Kay Nelson, he became the 15th child to join the family. Including his blood-related siblings, he has 11 older sisters: KennaDee, JourNee, Kass, Jaine, LiLee, SaiDee, NayVee, PaisLee, DeLayNee, PresLee, and ElleCee; three older brothers: Bridger, Trey, and Luke; and one younger brother: Ledger. Among the 16 kids, seven are biological children of the Nelsons while the rest are adopted. Beckham was baptized in the LDS Church on July 29, 2023. In a Q&A video, he revealed that he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which causes breathing difficulty during sleep.