Ericka Bozeman, better known online as Boze, is an American social media influencer who is famous for her true crime and court coverage content on Twitch and YouTube. Earlier, she began her career streaming games on Twitch and then gained popularity as a member of Smosh Network of YouTube channel. Here, she became the host of ‘Smosh Games Live’ and additionally hosted and played various characters in the parody court drama series Smosh & Order. After Smosh's parent company, Defy Media, shut down, she changed her career path and went for marketing jobs. In 2020, she began streaming her true crime content.

Early Life

Ericka ‘Boze’ Bozeman began playing video games from the age of four or five. Her grandfather bought her consoles that were on sale.

Social Media Career

Ericka ‘Boze’ Bozeman was a bartender at a TGI Fridays when she began her online career by streaming on Twitch. She was a League of Legends streamer. After sometime, while she was contemplating to return to college, she received a call from the casting director of Smosh, a network of YouTube channels co-created by American YouTubers, actors and comedians Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The casting director was hiring for Smosh Games. She got selected and her first appearance was in an episode of Smosh Pit series ‘Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover’. She was introduced officially as a cast member in ‘Smosh Winter Games 2017’ and then made the host of ‘Smosh Games Live’. In the latter series, the members of Smosh Games played games with her live on You Tube. On the Smosh Games channel, she appeared in numerous episodes of ‘Board AF’ series and the ‘Game Bang’ show. On the Smosh Pit channel, she was seen in few episodes of series like ‘Put it in My Mouth’ and ‘The Show w/ No Name’.

The year 2018 saw her creating, directing and producing three seasons of parody court drama series – Smosh & Order – on Smosh Games channel. In addition, she also hosted the series and played several characters in it. Later in the year, when Smosh's parent company, Defy Media, abruptly shut down, Boze announced her departure from Smosh and went on to take a break from online content creation work.

She took up a marketing job at a law firm and thereafter began a successful career in digital marketing with Live Nation where she worked as comedy marketing manager and then became comedy marketing director. After sometime, she quit her job, took another hiatus, and began her career as a streamer again. However, she did not want to play video games again. She noticed a gap in the market and realised that true crime genre was on rise but there was no prominent streamer for it. In September 2020, she focused entirely on true crime content which led to a massive growth in her followers. As a result, she also began posting true crime content on her You Tube Channel. She has two additional channels on YouTube. She is also a part of the Apocalypse: AI YouTube channel.

She has also worked as the host of ‘Big Mood’ podcast.

Family Life

Ericka ‘Boze’ Bozeman grew up in a small town in South Virginia as the only child. Her mother worked as a local journalist. She later shifted to Los Angeles, California.