Brinley Rich is an American social media star who is a part of the popular family vlogging channel It's R Life (previously known as The Rich Life), where she appears alongside her parents, siblings and pets. Like her sisters, she also has a separate YouTube channel, currently titled Brinley Layne, as well as separate Instagram profile, @brinley_rich_ and TikTok profile @.brinn_. She is a cheerleader who also participates in competitive events.


Brinley Rich first appeared on social media as part of The Rich Life family vlogging channel on August 8, 2016, in the video titled The Making of the Rich Life - Rain or Shine?!?!?, which introduced the family of eight, including parents Daniel and Kendal Rich, the five siblings Evie, Brinley, Kapri, Sebastian and Hampton, and their pet dog Oaklee, to the viewers. She has since then appeared in most videos of the channel, and has also starred in videos on her birthdays, as well as videos about room makeovers, shopping hauls and some about her health issues.

She made her separate YouTube channel named Brinley in September 2015, but posted her first video, titled Productive morning routine || *first video*, in June 2021. In the following months, she has continued to make vlogs about shopping hauls, her daily routine, makeup routine, and has posted Q&A’s, and other popular YouTube content. Apart from being active on the channel, she has also continued to appear in their family channel, and has also appeared in her siblings’ channels such as Evie Rich and Kapri Rich, and her mother’s channel It's My Disney Life. Other than YouTube, she is active on Instagram with the handle @brinley_rich_ and has had different usernames on TikTok, but is currently active with the handle @.brinn_. In the recent times, she has been more active on Instagram and TikTok than her YouTube channel, although she has appeared in the family channel several times.

Gymnastics & Cheerleading

All the Rich girls, including Brinley Rich, have been practicing gymnastics since an early age and later got into cheerleading. She revealed in a Q&A video on her channel that after the family moved to North Carolina, her mother had given her and her older sister Evie the option to continue gymnastics or try out cheer. They became interested in cheer after watching videos online. She and her sisters have also participated in competitive cheer events.

Family Life

Brinley Layne Rich is the second of five children of Daniel and Kendal Rich. She has an older sister named Evie, a younger sister named Kapri, and two younger brothers named Sebastian aka Sebi and Hampton. Among the five siblings, Hampton was adopted by her parents at an early age. She and her siblings are all homeschooled, except for Hampton, who has special needs and needed to be sent to the preschool program at the local public school. Moreover, a Canadian fan named Teri, whom the family met at Disney World in 2018, is also treated as part of the family.