American TikTok star Brooke Monk shot to fame with her dance clips and lip sync videos on TikTok. She is equally popular on other social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, and has often posted makeup tutorials and other fun content. She was once part of the social media collective Hype House. She is associated with the agency WME and sells her own merchandise online. A devout Christian, she once stated that she would only date a guy who is religious.

Early Life

Not much is known about Brooke Monk’s early life, except that she is from Jacksonville, Florida. She has apparently been homeschooled by her parents and focused on her social media career from an early age.

In a Q&A video, she once stated that she wanted to use makeup ever since she was a kid. She also had difficulty pronouncing the letter “R.”

Social Media Career

Brooke Monk shot to fame with her TikTok dance videos in 2019. Her first video on the platform was posted in September that year. She later also posted lip syncs, makeup tutorials, and other content on the platform. In less than 5 months, she gained over 3 million followers.

Her account, brookemonk_, has gained millions of followers and over 2 billion likes. She is now one of the platform’s top content creators, and most of her content is aimed at high school students. One of her best-known videos on the platform is a transition clip on the Beat Automotivo trend. An April 2020 TikTok video showed her imitating her parents trying to find out what a meme meant. The video got her more than 4 million views.

Her fame on TikTok also spilled over to YouTube. She launched her personal channel on the platform on July 30, 2019. She is now mostly known for her shorts on YouTube and has gained millions of subscribers too. In November 2019, she hosted a fan Q&A on the channel.

She is equally popular on Instagram, where her profile, brookemonk, has gained millions of followers. Brooke made her first Instagram post on April 26, 2019.

She also sells her own merchandise, such as beauty products, face masks, and hoodies, on She joined the popular social media collective Hype House in March 2022, but left it in June that year. In March 2022, she bagged a contract with the renowned talent agency WME.

Family Life

Brooke Monk is the middle child of her parents and grew up with her five siblings: Bryanna, Blaize, Breanne, Brett, and Audra. Audra too is a popular social media figure and a talented dancer. Brooke’s father is a businessman, while her mother, Amy Monk, is a homemaker.

In a November 2019 YouTube video, Brooke revealed that she was religious and fancied being with a boyfriend who was equally religious and devoted to Christianity. In October 2020, she began dating Instagram star Sam Dezz. It is believed Brooke had first DM-ed Sam on social media, before they eventually met.

Brooke hates long-distance relationships. She once stated she does not believe in zodiac signs.