Caiti Mackenzie is a social media content creator who has gained fame with her self-titled You Tube channel where she primarily shares her lifestyle content, school routines and Get Ready with Me (GRWM) vlogs. She also runs another vlog channel. Both these channels have attracted thousands of subscribers. The Florida born content creator is also followed in large numbers on Instagram and TikTok.

Social Media Career

Caiti Mackenzie is known for her You Tube channel which she launched in June 2014. It was previously known as Caiti's Corner. Here, she has shared vlogs, beauty, fashion, travel, hauls, shopping, gym, reading, books and GRWM videos. These have earned her thousands of subscribers. She also has another channel by the name of Caiti Mackenzie Vlogs where she shares some more of school vlogs, fashion and beauty videos, DIY content as well as hauls and travel vlogs. Her two younger brothers have appeared on her You Tube channel.

Apart from You Tube, she also has thousands of fans on other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, she shares photographs from her everyday life.

She is managed by Select Management Group.

Family Life

Caiti Mackenzie’s full name is Caiti Mackenzie DeCort. She has two younger brothers. She grew up in Florida and Georgia. She graduated from high school in 2022.


In high school, she was a part of the school cheerleading team.