Canadian beauty and makeup vlogger and TikToker Chloe Fountain, better known online as Chloe Waterz, shot to fame with her incredible “before and after” transformation videos. The videos show her as a wrinkly old woman in the beginning, while she suddenly turns into a young woman with flawless skin later. She doesn’t reveal her real age, and netizens believe she uses filters or photos and clips of another person for her content. However, Chloe maintains that she makes herself look younger using makeup and face tapes.

Early Life

Chloe Fountain, better known online as Chloe Waterz, is from Windsor, Canada. In 2019, long before she was a social media sensation, she launched her TikTok account. It’s not known how old she is, as Chloe refuses to reveal her real age.

Social Media Career

Chloe initially shot to fame on TikTok with her beauty and makeup content. People were shocked to see her mind-blowing transformation and glow-up videos on the platform. Over the years, she has garnered more than a million followers on her TikTok account, chloewaterz.

She is known for her signature style of transforming her face with various makeup products. Her “before and after” images have often made her fans wonder if the people in the two images are different people. In May 2022, her TikTok video titled no makeup vs makeup fetched her more than a million views. One of her most popular GRWM videos on TikTok featured the popular Bruno Mars track Talking to the Moon.

She launched her YouTube channel on July 8, 2011, and has already gained thousands of subscribers on it. She claims she can make people look like they have had plastic surgery, without them having to go under the knife.

She is also known for posting content on comedy and her life. Her unbelievable transformation clips have earned her the nickname of the “world’s best catfish.” People have also often accused her of using digital filters or some artificial methods to appear younger.

Her videos show her with wrinkles, grey hair, and all visible signs of aging, only to be abruptly turned into a young woman with flawless skin. She also shies away from revealing her age because she believes that will ruin the mystery associated with her.

Chloe initially decided not to post a video with a step-by-step demonstration of her entire technique before she gained a million followers. In one of her videos, she is shown applying a face tightener, while within seconds, her wrinkles disappear. Some of her fans believe she probably shows her mother in her “before” photos.

She is equally popular on Instagram, where her account, chloewaterzz, has gained thousands of followers. She also promotes boob tapes and face tapes that she claims help her look younger in her videos.

Family Life

Chloe apparently shares a healthy bond with her mother. However, she once said that the bullying from her mother, while growing up, had made her immune to the hateful comments she sometimes gets online.

It is not known if Chloe is in a relationship.