Christine Weston Chandler is an American YouTuber, vlogger, artist, and musician who is best known for her web comic series Sonichu and her YouTube channel CwcvilleGuardian. She published comics through a personal website before joining YouTube and also created a virtual band to release albums related to the comics. She had several YouTube channels, many of which were regularly targeted by trolls.


Christine Weston Chandler created the comic series Sonichu in a graphic design class in 2000 and released the first comic on March 24, 2005. She had also created a virtual band and released a couple Sonichu themed albums by singing over pre-existing pop songs with changed lyrics. She created the Sonichu YouTube channel on May 8, 2007, but she deleted it in September 2008, stating it was hacked by trolls from Encyclopedia Dramatica, a parody website that had created a wiki page on her in 2007 and started harassing her. She created several YouTube channels since then and ultimately settled on CwcvilleGuardian in 2012.

Family Life

Christine Weston Chandler was born as Christopher Weston Chandler to electrical engineer Robert Franklin "Bob" Chandler Jr. and financial secretary Barbara Ann Weston. She has a half-brother named Joseph Cole Smithey. At seven, she was diagnosed with high-functioning autism and was not expected to advance through high school. She initially attended Greene County Primary School and later transferred to Nathanael Greene Elementary School. Following claims of abuse, her parents initiated legal case against the school and started homeschooling Christine fearing she will be institutionalized. She later attended Manchester High School and graduated in June 2000. She obtained an associate degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design from Piedmont Virginia Community College in 2006. She started living with her mother after her father died in 2011. She came out as transgender in August 2014 and changed name to Christine in May 2016.


Christine Weston Chandler has been criticized for claiming rights over her comic characters which were created mixing copyrighted characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu. She was also targeted by an army of trolls and fake girlfriends who only wanted to leak personal information about her. One such 13-year old troll with the alias BlueSpike had a relationship with Christine pretending to be a 19-year-old girl named Julie and later dragged her into an elaborate cybersex scandal. However, the worst scandal in her life happened on July 30, 2021 when an audio file leaked online revealed how Christine sexually assaulted her own mother, who reportedly suffered from dementia, numerous times. Interestingly, she had previously defended incestuous relationship between a mother and son in Mexico in a Facebook post in August 2016. On July 30, an emergency protective order was issued and she was removed from her family home. She was arrested on August 1st on felony incest charges. She was later moved to Central Virginia Regional Jail, where she was categorized as male. In March 2023, netizens were shocked to find out that she was out on bail.