Claire Drake is an American social media star who had started out on Instagram but later rose to fame on her TikTok profile @bigballerclaire for her dance, lip-sync and sketch comedy videos. She was previously active on her eponymous YouTube channel, but has not uploaded anything on it in a long time. She is also a talented singer and has uploaded cover versions of songs like My Future by Billie Eilish and Eddie's Song by Sapphire on YouTube.


Claire Drake started posting on social media through her Instagram profile @clairedrakee in November 2018. She usually shared pictures of herself, often with her friends or her sister, although she was not very consistent the first couple years. In July 2020, she shared a picture with fellow social media stars Chase Rutherford and Haley Sharpe with the caption “BESTFRIENDD”. Even though she had limited popularity at the time, she occasionally offered merchandise for her fans. She shared a picture of herself with luggage on her Instagram stating that she ran away from home with her sister because fans told her that she “belonged on the streets”, which collected a lot of likes. She sometimes shared photoshopped pictures of herself, with other internet celebrities or pretending to be on prestigious magazine covers. She also posted pictures of herself posing with posters of British actress Millie Bobby Brown.

However, it was not until after she started to post on her TikTok profile @bigballerclaire in 2019 that she began to gain large scale recognition on social media. She posted dance and lip-sync videos, as well as comedy videos, which became very popular on the platform. She quickly crossed one million followers on her TikTok profile, following which she shared a picture of herself with a cake on Instagram, sporting makeup by Sheri Nicole, a TikToker and the mother of another popular TikToker, Addison Rae. She subsequently sold merchandise through the website and clothes through her Depop store. She also sold merchandise through and regularly promoted her stores on various social media platforms.

While she had joined YouTube back in April 2016, Claire started uploading on her eponymous channel with the video I broke my legs in April 2020. It was followed by a vlog titled we went crazy in mississippi and a cover of the song My Future by Billie Eilish, both of which were uploaded the same year. However, she subsequently became less active on YouTube and has only uploaded three more videos on the channel. Among those was the official music video for KRATOM by Hamzah the Fantastic, featuring her and Freddie Dredd, which was uploaded in August 2022.

Family Life

Claire Drake has an older sister named Julia whom she has featured in her social media posts. In one of her TikTok videos, she had claimed that she was the girlfriend of Russian-Ukrainian YouTuber Taras Kulakov, although there is no actual evidence to support the claim. Interestingly, he is married to Katherine Kulakova and has three children.