British YouTube sensation, lifestyle vlogger, and musical theater actor Coco Cousin-Brown is best known for her vlogs, beauty routines, and other engrossing content on her YouTube channel, Coco’s World. She initially gained fame as the younger sister of YouTube star and lifestyle vlogger Freddy Cousin-Brown. Coco has also gained popularity for her engaging content on TikTok. Of late, she has also focused on acting in musicals and has appeared in the West End production BIG The Musical.

Early Life

Not much is known about Coco Cousin-Brown’s early life. In November 2015, she made one of her first appearances on YouTube in the video Sister Tag! for her sister Freddy's channel on the platform.

Social Media Career

Coco first became known as the younger sister of popular YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger Freddy Cousin-Brown. Freddy is known for her collaborations with fellow YouTube stars such as Kate Murnane. Coco launched her own YouTube channel, Coco’s World, on Aug 16, 2016.

She mostly showcases lifestyle vlogs, room tours, clothing hauls, makeup and fitness routines, and beauty tutorials on her channel. The channel has, over the years, earned her thousands of subscribers.

Coco has also teamed up with Disney Channel UK on YouTube. She is equally popular on Instagram too and has thousands of followers on the platform. She has, of late, focused on musical theater and has also been part of the original cast of the popular West End production BIG The Musical.

Known as Coco Pops and cocotallulah on TikTok, she has garnered millions of likes on the platform with her funny dance performances and lip syncs.

Family Life

Coco is quite close to her older sister, Freddy. In fact, Freddy was the one who named her “Coco.”