Corinne Leigh is an American YouTuber best known as one half, with her husband Rob Czar, of the channel ThreadBanger, on which the couple focuses on DIY (Do It Yourself) videos, challenges and crafting content. She also owns an eponymous personal channel where she makes videos centered primarily on DIY makeup and beauty hacks. She further appears on Rob’s personal channel occasionally, and is active on other social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter.

Early Life

According to Corinne Leigh, she originally wanted to be an actress, but has terrible stage fright, which is why she became a YouTuber. She also stated that she was always attracted to making things probably due to the fact that she liked the taste of paste as a kid.


After Corinne Leigh and Rob Czar met each other, Corinne, who was an environmentalist and loved to craft things, inspired Rob, a musical artist involved in various producing and hosting roles since high school, to get into DIY stuff. They decided to make a joint YouTube channel titled ThreadBanger on March 2, 2007. Their first video, LA Graffiti Artist Interview w/ "Spray Can Michealangelo", was uploaded within a week. The channel’s name was due to its focus on content about sewing, which they revealed in their second video, through which they also introduced themselves and their weekly DIY series called ThreadHeads. They mentioned that they take DIY projects very seriously, and through their series, highlighted other DIY crafters.

However, they gradually shifted focus towards broader DIY series such as Man vs. Pin, hosted by Rob, and Corinne vs. Pin, hosted by Corinne, both of which saw them test out projects they found on Pinterest

After the ThreadBanger channel crossed one million subscribers in early 2015, Corinne started posting on her personal self-titled channel, which was created long ago in May 2010. Her first video on the channel was Corinne's House Tour?, posted in May 2015. Both she and Rob subsequently did a 50 Random Facts About Me video on their respective personal channels, after which she started to focus on DIY videos centered on makeup, beauty, food and other random stuff. On the ThreadBanger channel, the couple hosted a home renovating series titled Man vs. House, sponsored by Lowe's. In May 2018, they launched the YouTube Red series Do or DIY. In 2019, they live-streamed about Rob’s near death experience after being diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, granulomatosis with polyangiitis. The couple had won the Shorty Awards in 2016. She was previously active on Tumbler as well.

Family Life

Born in Las Vegas, Corinne Leigh grew up on an Air Force base in New Jersey, but hates flying. She once lived with ten other people on a bus that ran on recycled vegetable oil and had no bathroom. She lost her mother to cancer, which was the hardest thing she had to deal with in her life. She started dating Rob Czar in 2004 and they got married during the early 2010s.