American social media influencer, YouTuber, and stripper Cristina Villegas shot to fame with her lifestyle and beauty vlogs on YouTube. While she initially posted a lot of content documenting her life as a stripper, she later focused on fashion, cooking, surgery, and real estate. She is also a mother to her son, Aziz, and has documented her entire pregnancy journey on YouTube. She is a successful entrepreneur, too. Cristina has also modeled for quite a few top-notch brands.

Early Life

Cristina Villegas, also known as Tina V, is a Latina of Mexican descent. Before becoming a stripper and a social media star, she apparently attended college and was a business major.

Social Media Career

Cristina initially gained fame as a stripper. She launched her YouTube channel on August 2, 2013. In November 2016, she posted her first YouTube video, First Video/ Room transformation and Tour. While she initially documented her life as a stripper, she later focused on beauty and lifestyle vlogging, cooking, cosmetic surgery, and real estate. Her content also includes apartment tours, closet tours, travel vlogs, and Q&As.

Once she got pregnant, she also documented her pregnancy journey on YouTube, including everything from the gender-reveal party to her delivery. She has recently posted content on her son’s baby shower and her post-partum recovery and care. Over the years, she has gained over 1.7 million subscribers on the channel.

Cristina also has over 452,000 followers on Instagram. She has amassed more than 2,500 likes and more than 2,000 followers on TikTok too.

Cristina is a successful entrepreneur, too, and owns the brand Funscents. She has also been a successful model and has endorsed and promoted brands such as FashionNova, Forever21, Calvin Klein, Steve Madden, Fendi, YSL, and Burberry.

Family Life

Cristina Villegas earlier dated a man whom she planned to live in with in October 2019. However, they broke up later. She is now married to Arath. On March 31, 2023, the couple had a son named Aziz. Cristina’s sister, Lisa O’Donnell, too appears often on her TikTok channel. Lisa is a stripper and an Instagram star. Cristina has another sister, Kristen Velarde.