Danny Blake is an American social media star who rose to fame as one-third of the blake boys YouTube channel with his brother Justin and their friend Damon. He later began posting anime themed videos and reviews on his personal eponymous YouTube channel. While he has not been active on YouTube for a long time, he revealed going through top surgery as part of his transition journey in his last video from March 2021. He is active on Instagram and TikTok with the handle @ghost.zone.


Danny Blake gained popularity on the internet as part of the Blake Boys, which also includes his twin brother Justin and their friend Damon. They created the blake boys YouTube channel in June 2014 and uploaded their first video, Ask the blake boys, in the next month, although the video is no longer available. While the group continued to make challenge videos, comedy videos and vlogs for the next couple years, they were not very consistent on the group channel and had branched out to their individual accounts on various platforms.

In June 2015, Danny created his self-titled YouTube channel where he uploaded a series of three videos under the ‘Positive Posts’ tags titled Self-Acceptance, Anxiety, and Dysphoria. Through the videos, he candidly shared his experience of his own struggles so that his viewers could connect with him on a personal level. However, he has since then deleted those videos, making the video Eren goes to the mall || Danny Blake ||, from early January 2016, his earliest video on the channel.

Danny Blake was also active on Vine with the profile Ghost Zone during late 2015 and early 2016 and mostly made anime themed videos on the platform. He initially had an Instagram profile with the handle @dustinjamesblake but later became active on the profile @ghost.zone. He was further active on musical.ly with the same username and later gained popularity on the platform when it became TikTok by performing lip syncs to popular songs and movie quotes while dressed in elaborate costumes. Apart from his own profiles, he regularly appeared on his brothers’ personal profiles as well.

Family Life

Dustin James Blake aka Danny grew up with his brothers Jacob, Justin and Damon. Although Danny and Justin are usually mentioned as twins and Damon, who was previously known as Austin, is often mentioned as their friend, in the video Sibling Tag w/ Justin and Dustin || Damon Blake || on Damon’s personal channel, the three revealed that they were triplets, but Damon was the oldest among them. They also mentioned that they lived together. However, Damon celebrates his birthday over a month before the other two. Nevertheless, what the three have in common is that they all went through the struggles of transitioning from female to male. Danny previously dated Mason Blake and began dating someone named Manilat in February 2020.