American YouTube star Dejah Lanay is also known as the second-born daughter of popular YouTuber and vlogger Ja Vonne Beard. She initially gained fame through her appearances on her mother’s channel but later launched her own YouTube channel. Dejah mostly documents her own life on YouTube. She shot to fame with her videos such as Drinking Warhead Water and the series White Parents vs Black Parents. She has featured her older brother Jay in quiet a few of her videos.

Early Life

As a child, social media star Dejah Lanay loved playing softball. She created her personal channel on YouTube in January 2015. Her first video on the channel was titled #AskDejah.

Social Media Career

She initially shot to fame with her appearances on her mother Ja Vonne’s channel, JaVlogs. The channel mostly features travel, lifestyle, and family vlogs.

However, she later became immensely popular on her own YouTube channel, where she mostly documents her life. She is also known for her funny YouTube series White Parents vs Black Parents and has amassed thousands of subscribers on the channel.

Two of her best-known videos on the channel are Drinking Warhead Water and Embarrassing Period Story. In the former, she was seen mixing Warhead candies and water before drinking the mixture.

Dejah was equally popular on Instagram, but in July 2020, she suddenly deleted all her content on her account. She is also present on Twitter, though not too active on the platform.

Family Life

Dejah is the second-born daughter of popular YouTuber Ja Vonne Beard. She; her father, Cleveland; her older sister, Yanna; her younger sister, Niyah Renae; her older brother, Jay; and another older brother, Clevon Denzel, have all appeared in the videos of the family channel.

Dejah has also featured Jay in a number of videos on her own channel, such as Hot Cheetos Challenge and Warhead Challenge.

Niyah too is a social media star in her own right and is best-known for her DIY and slime-related vlogs and videos. However, Dejah is the most well-known member of her family. Dejah is known for her signature dreadlocks and her plump lips too.