Desi Perkins is an American beauty guru, social media star and entrepreneur who is best known for her self-titled YouTube channel on which she posts beauty and makeup tutorials. She also shares a vlogging channel, The Perkins, with her husband, Steven, on which they shared their fertility journey. She has launched her own eyewear brand Dezi, skin-care brand Dezi Skin, and has co-created the makeup collection Dose of Colors with Katy DeGroot.


Desi Perkins had started working as a cocktail waitress and was looking for a way out, although she wasn’t sure which steps to take. In 2012, she suddenly achieved fame with a last-minute Halloween makeup tutorial covering the skeleton costume she made for her husband Steven that went viral. She always loved to sketch and paint and had recently discovered people posting tutorials online. She had watched a special effects video that inspired her to utilize her background in art and the skills she gained by watching YouTube videos to create the costume which provided her with the publicity she needed to jumpstart her career in beauty. She launched her eponymous YouTube channel in August 2013 and posted her first beauty tutorial Soft Warm Sultry Eye Tutorial.

She continued to make beauty and makeup tutorials and gradually earned enough popularity to leave her job as a waitress and focus on social media as a career, while her husband continuously helped her with behind-the-scenes work. In September 2015, she launched a joint vlogging channel with her husband called The Perkins, where they also documented their struggles with infertility. She eventually became an entrepreneur and launched her own brand of sunglasses, Dezi, in summer 2020. In April 2021, she created her skin-care brand, Dezi Skin, and used Spanish names for her products to emphasize her Mexican identity. Along with her best friend and fellow YouTuber Katy DeGroot (@lustrelux), she has also created a makeup collection called Dose of Colors.

Family Life

Desi Perkins, who has Spanish and Mexican ethnicity, grew up with three brothers. She was massively inspired by her father who had the “gift of not stressing or worrying or basically doing any pointless action that is out of his control”. She is bilingual and is proficient in English and Spanish. She is very proud of her Mexican ancestry and gets irritated when people mistake her as white.

She has been married to talented graphic designer Steven Perkins since 2012. He taught her to edit videos and also helps her with the technical side of her business including shooting and editing videos, while Desi handles the creative side. In 2018, through the video Hardest Video I Ever Filmed, she shared with her audience that she had suffered a miscarriage four years ago. She further revealed her struggles with infertility openly and how she got obsessed with trying to get pregnant. The couple also chronicled their IVF journey and finally welcomed their first child, a son named Ocean, in October 2020. They subsequently welcomed a daughter in August 2022.