Destiny Sidwell is an American social media star who is known for her book reading and suggestion videos on her TikTok profile @des.sidster and her eponymous YouTube channel. She further hosts the podcast Dishin' it With Des, which originally started on YouTube, but currently only available on streaming platforms. She also has two Instagram profiles with the handles @des.sidster and @whatsdesreading.

Early Life

Although Destiny Sidwell had previously mentioned in a Q&A video that she would definitely go to college, she did not go to college and does not have a major. Furthermore, she has no plans to do the same in the near future. She mentioned that if she had not been involved in social media, she would like to work in the publishing industry.


Destiny Sidwell mentioned in a Q&A video that she started making YouTube videos when she was 11. However, she created her self-titled channel in July 2017, and uploaded her first video in December 2018. Her most early videos had nothing to do with books, rather focused on vlogs and other popular YouTube content with her friends. She continued to post videos like most teenagers on YouTube for a long time before she uploaded the video, Bible Journal with Me, on January 14, 2021, following fan recommendations.

The video was quite popular and prompted her to make another video, Books I Read In January, early next month. In the video, she described how much she loved reading and revealed that she would continue to make similar content on a monthly basis. Although she continued to post regular vlogs in the following months, her channel eventually grew in the direction of making her a BookTuber. In March 2023, she collaborated with two other BookTubers, Haley Pham and Sara Carrolli, on a 5-star book swap challenge as they stayed in an Airbnb for a week.

Family Life

Destiny Sidwell has an older brother. She started dating entrepreneur Izac Stewart in September 2016, when both of them were 13. She featured him in several of her pictures and videos, and he was her first guest on the fifth episode of her podcast, Dishin' it With Des, on March 29, 2023. He mentioned in the podcast that he officially launched his own shoe business in 2020. They further revealed that he doesn’t usually read, and she had to cover all the reading for him as they were in the same class mostly throughout school. Interestingly, she had tried to force him to read a fantasy book for a video by asking her fans to go and tell him to read the book, but unfortunately none did so. In a previous podcast, she had mentioned that she took a break from the show because talking to herself for a long time for her videos sometimes takes a toll on her mental health. She mentioned Friends, Parks and Recreation, Stranger Things and New Girl as her comfort shows to watch during trying times. She dreams of travelling the world.