Thomas Dean Morris, popularly known by his online alias “dheanasaur”, is a Welsh social media star known for his comedy content. He gained fame on his TikTok handle @dheanasaur and has the YouTube channel Dean Morris. He worked as a content creator for BBC Sesh. His alias is derived from an inside joke about the silent ‘H’ in his first name. His first IMDb credit as a sound artist on the found-footage horror comedy Shadow of the Missing (2018) was as “Dhean Morris”.

Early Life

Dheanasaur loved to read and was a good speller as a child, and feels he was bullied for it (or his big ears or chubby body). He had to take glasses early on and also suffered from epilepsy, requiring frequent visits to the hospital. He fell in love with movies while watching them from the hospital bed. As his fits became fewer in high school, he participated in drama, singing and sports. He was the lead in school performances, and even participated in Britain's Got Talent with the Wales-based boys' choir Only Boys Aloud, which finished third in the sixth series of the competition in 2012. He went on to record an album and sang for the Queen in the Buckingham Palace.


Dheanasaur had a meltdown a year later, around when he joined YouTube on September 17, 2013. He has described himself as a Harry Potter lookalike in his teens, and made his first YouTube video, a vlog about how he hates shopping and what he got for Christmas, including a camera for YouTube, comparing his experience with a Harry Potter scene. He continued to upload vlogs, song covers, makeup videos, movie reviews and various other types of content, often featuring his friends. He has stated that he was able to meet like-minded people through social media. By 2015, he had set up his own company and was also a part of two other companies. He featured his Nana in one YouTube video in 2018 in which he introduced her to YouTube by showing her videos picked by his fans.

However, he did not achieve proper internet fame until he joined TikTok in 2019. He showed to his Nana videos of the popular trend of people chucking glitter, or sometimes orbeez, in slow motion down onto their camera, to which she opined that he should make a video of chucking her. He made one pretending to do that and it became his first viral video on TikTok. He continued to make similar funny content, often featuring his Nana, and his fame skyrocketed on the platform. He later worked as a content creator for BBC Sesh in Wales.

Family Life

He has a younger brother named Steve. Dheanasaur has mentioned his grandmother, whom he calls “Nana”, as his best friend and has featured her regularly in his videos.