Dorito's Reaction is the YouTube channel of American YouTuber Daniel who is known for his horror content involving fictional characters or famous personalities. He had started his YouTube journey with reaction videos and also made pranks, challenges and other types of content. Another popular content on his channel is his secret recordings of his brother Mateo raging at various things. He has been criticized for making fake or click-bate content, often using his brother and friends as actors.


The YouTube channel Dorito's Reaction was created by Daniel on June 22, 2016 and he uploaded his first video, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6 Reaction!, a day later. True to his channel’s name, he usually reacted to other popular videos and compilations during his early days on YouTube. However, by the next month and after posting a few reaction videos, he started to deviate from reactions to include pranks and challenges into his YouTube content. In one video, he called all the numbers that claim to be Jacob Sartorius in comments of the latter’s social media profiles, while in another video, he and a friend participated in the Chubby Bunny Challenge. He also made horror themed videos like IS MY HOUSE HAUNTED?!

He continued to make reaction videos, pranks, challenges and more in the following years. However, he received scrutiny for showcasing his meetings with popular internet celebrities, which many believe were faked. He also made a series of videos in which he captured “on camera” incidents like him getting almost kidnapped several times or him capturing Santa Clause on camera, which were also criticized for being fake. One of his most controversial videos was GENE THE EMOJI BROKE INSIDE MY HOUSE!!, based on which he even made a series of videos. His horror themed videos were also criticized for being obvious click-baits, but that didn’t deter him from making more such videos.

Another popular series on his channel is one in which he secretly records his brother Mateo raging at various things, usually when he loses in a video game or finds out his brother recording him raging. Apart from his videos of Mateo raging and breaking things, other popular videos on the channel include Christmas videos of him pranking Mateo in Christmas 2017.

Family Life

The only thing known about the family of Dorito's Reaction, real name Daniel, is that he has a brother named Mateo, who is often featured in his videos.


Many claim that it is Dorito's Reaction’s brother Mateo who acted in his horror themed videos and his series on Gene in The Emoji Movie. In fact, some claim that he had a secondary channel called Skeleton King or Skeleton Gaming in which he had raw footage he had recorded before they were used in his videos on his main channel. Apart from Mateo, some of his friends are believed to have helped him in making those videos and the ones in which he calls the Devil and some well-known personalities.