Drew Phillips is an American social media star, musician and podcast host who rose to fame on Vine and later became known for his comedic content on YouTube. He posts all sorts of content on his channel including vlogs, DIY videos, challenges, comic sketches, gaming videos and more. He has also released music under the aliases Fijibottlelean and Reaper Tear$. He currently hosts the Emergency Intercom podcast with Enya Umanzor.


Drew Phillips had started his social media journey back in 2013 on the looping video sharing platform Vine. His first video, posted on March 15, 2013, featured a cat like most of his videos. He also collaborated with fellow Vine sensation Christian Akridge and had accumulated over 550k followers on the platform before switching to YouTube. While he had joined YouTube in July 2013, he uploaded his earliest video on his self-titled channel in August 2016. He subsequently featured his friends Enya and Tina Woods in a slime video and his sister Madeline in a fishing video. In the following months, he continued to make more vlogs, funny challenges and DIY projects and became known for his sense of humor.

He launched his musical career under the stage name Fijibottlelean on SoundCloud in July 2015 with the release of his debut song F*CK ME UP. In 2016, he released his debut mixtape, Lean God Doer of All Evil, with 10 tracks including YURRPP, which he later re-released on YouTube with a music video on July 24, 2017. In the video, he used the alias Reaper Tear$. He has since then released several more songs, a diss-track and his second mixtape, sherk with the boys. While he continues to upload all sorts of videos on his YouTube channel, often featuring Enya, he and Enya also started hosting the Emergency Intercom podcast in July 2021, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Family Life

Drew Phillips was born as Andrew Daniel Phillips and grew up with a twin sister named Madeline. His sister and mother have featured on his social media content. He has been very close with his best friend and cousin Enya Umanzor. Considering that they often appeared together in each other’s social media content and now also host the Emergency Intercom podcast together, many of their fans often wonder if they are dating or have dated in the past. They addressed this concern in Episode 15 (The Hey Incident) of their podcast, where they revealed that Enya had once texted Drew that she had a “fat crush” on him, but he ghosted her because he didn’t want to ruin their present relationship. Much later, he had responded with just a “hi”, which became known to them as the “The Hey Incident”. Enya later clarified that by crush she had meant that she genuinely liked him as a person and could not differentiate that feeling from a crush at the moment. Interestingly, he had jokingly proposed to her on a beach and another time with a lip tattoo, both in 2019.