Eli Mack is an American YouTuber and musician who is best recognized for his content about the Madden NFL video game series on YouTube. He has also released several songs and the mixtape Im Here, which is available on most streaming platforms. Apart from gaming videos and songs, he previously made regular YouTube content like challenges, pranks, and story-time videos on the channel, often featuring his brother and sister. He is also active on Instagram, TikTok and Twitch.


Eli Mack’s first attempt at YouTube in early 2010s, when he was 11-12 years, was so cringy, that he kept it a secret for a long time until he made the video So This Is My FIRST EVER YouTube Video.. (EMBARRASING) in October 2021. He worked at a Dollar General store before starting his YouTube journey and made an attempt at rapping at the age of 15 that was not fruitful. In fact, when he joined YouTube on May 29, 2016, his first few videos were focused on music. For his first video in October 2017, he uploaded the music video for D&D, the last single from his mixtape Im Here. In the following months, he uploaded the audio versions of all the 12 tracks from the mixtape on his YouTube channel. He loved to watch popular Canadian YouTube gamer TDBarrett aka Brett Barrett, who inspired him to become a YouTuber. He wanted to get a shoutout from TDBarrett and repeatedly pestered him for over a month. TDBarrett eventually agreed to play the Madden NFL video game against him on the condition that Eli would write a song about him if the latter won. Following his appearance on a video on TDBarrett’s channel, Eli uploaded the song, TD The Goat.

For his first vlog on the channel, uploaded in March 2019, he recounted how he became friends with TDBarrett. While he still continued to publish his singles, he gradually shifted focus towards more trending YouTube content like challenges, pranks, story-time videos and hair tutorial. In a challenge video from May 2019, he had featured his “annoying” brother and sister. He started uploading gaming videos in July 2019 with a video about the horror game Five Nights at Freddy's. His second gaming video was his first Madden NFL video, titled DOWNGRADING MY ENTIRE 96 Overall ULTIMATE TEAM!! (Madden 19 Ultimate Team). He continued to make videos about other games, especially GTA 5 Online, and also made several videos about meeting and interacting with TDBarrett. However, he began making more and more videos about Madden NFL in the second half of 2019. By the end of 2020, he was recognized as one of the top Madden NFL YouTubers alongside TDBarrett.

Family Life

Eli Mack was raised by a single mother, whom he has featured on his videos. He doesn’t seem to have any attachment with his father and jokes about him in his content. He has at least one younger brother and one younger sister. He is dating a girl named Mehki.