American swimmer and YouTuber Elizabeth Swims shot to fame on YouTube when one of her videos showing her swimming in a pool at the age of 16 months became viral overnight. Trained in swimming by her mother since 14 months of age, Elizabeth is a swimming prodigy and has gained immense popularity with her swimming-related content on social media. She has also endorsed brands such as Texas Pool. Elizabeth also sells her own branded merchandise that includes beach gear and apparel.

Early Life

Elizabeth started taking swimming lessons when she was just 14 months old. Over the years, she has been trained in infant self-rescue technique by certified teachers.

Social Media Career

Elizabeth Swims became a star on YouTube after her video of swimming in a pool by herself at 16 months of age went viral. While her YouTube channel was launched on May 31, 2010, by her parents, long before she was born, she garnered a million views on YouTube by March 2020. Her channel now has over 2.6 million subscribers and more than a billion views.

Known for her signature rainbow and mermaid-themed swimwear, she has also garnered over 4,000 followers on Instagram. Her life’s motto is “Life is fun when you just add water.

Over the years, she has worked a brand ambassador for Texas Pool, a private swimming pool in Plano, Texas, where she and her family swim regularly. She is so popular on YouTube that any new video of hers gains thousands of views within a few days of being posted.

She is part of another YouTube channel, named What's Burning, which has garnered over 1,800 subscribers. It posts philosophical advice with footage of things burning. Elizabeth has amassed more than 4,600 likes and over 8,300 followers on Facebook too.

She also sells her own brand of merchandise, including beach apparel, beach gear, hats, T-shirts, yoga mats, water bottles, hoodies, beach towels, beach-themed stickers, and pillows.

Family Life

Elizabeth Swims grew up with her two brothers and a sister. Her mother, Amanda, taught her and her siblings swimming as toddlers. Amanda is a former lifeguard and is a certified swimming instructor. She has also coached a swim team and writes a swimming blog. Elizabeth is a huge fan of swimmer and YouTube star Carla Underwater.