Ella Katherine is an American social media star who is best known for her vlog type videos about her life in a boarding school on her eponymous YouTube channel. She has been running the channel since she was seven, although she took a long gap in the middle and was also active on a second channel, The DIY Sisters, with her friend Addie Tomlinson for a while. She is further active on the TikTok profile @ellakatherineee and the Instagram handle @ellakatherin.


Ella Katherine was just seven years old when she joined YouTube on her self-titled channel on July 22, 2014 and started making videos with the help of her mother. The first video on the channel, titled Blind Fold Taste Test - My mom ate dog food!!, was uploaded on October 4, 2014. She continued to make more vlog type videos in the following months and often featured her mother, father, her older sister Chloe and her younger sister Phoebe. She also made slime videos, Roblox videos, and videos showing her pets, birthday presents, etc. At one point, her channel was specifically for slime videos, although she made challenge videos and other trending YouTube stuff. In one of her videos early videos, she mentioned opening a slime shop. She was active on Instagram and musical.ly with the handle @ellaxd15, although they are no longer active.

Ella Katherine first featured her friend Addie Tomlinson on the video ICE CREAM CHALLENGE!!! on October 16, 2017 and announced making a joint channel with her a few months later on January 27, 2018. She subsequently stopped uploading to her old channel and shifted focus to the new channel. Although they were not sisters, they named the channel The DIY Sisters, because all other potential names were taken and uploaded the video Welcome to are channel!(Q&A) on January 29, 2018. Despite promising weekly or biweekly videos, they only posted a few more videos covering slimes and other things on the channel. They stopped posting on the channel in June 2018 and was not active on her old channel either.

On her return to YouTube in August 2019, she made the video MY SISTER CUT MY BANGS!! OMG with her sister Chloe. She continued to make slime videos, challenge videos and vlogs more consistently. She also made shopping hauls, fashion and makeup videos, and the occasional gaming videos. However, her channel blew up after she started posting videos about attending boarding school, with her video My Boarding School Morning Routine! amassing nearly five million views. She has also gathered a sizeable following on her TikTok profile @ellakatherineee.

Family Life

Ella Katherine has an older sister named Chloe and a younger sister named Phoebe. She has featured her sisters, her parents, and several of her friends, in her videos. In one of her early videos, she showed her pet collections including two parakeets named Buttercup and Pebbles, two hamsters named S’mores and Tammy, a pet ball python snake named Astro, two cats and a dog.