Swedish TikTok star Elle Cryssanthander soared to global fame with her TikTok account, IzaAndElle, which she created with her twin sister, Iza. The twins impressed their fans with their dance and lip-sync videos. Trained in ballet, the sisters are also former footballers. In 2017, they not only created a world record of the largest number of girls dancing for a Musical.ly video, they also became Sweden’s biggest Musical.ly channel.

Early Life

Elle Cryssanthander and her sister, Iza, are twins from Stocksund in Danderyd municipality, just outside Stockholm. Both sisters started training in dance from an early age and even attended ballet class till age 8. Later, the sisters gained interest in football. In 2020, they joined Stockholm’s Ballet Academy. They have also represented the football team IFK Stocksund.

Social Media Career

Elle Cryssanthander shot to fame with the TikTok account IzaAndElle, which she launched with her twin sister, Iza. The sisters are known for her entertaining dance and lip-sync clips.

In December 2016, Elle and Iza got their TikTok verification crown. The account now has millions of followers. One of their TikTok clips, part of the #MultiplePhoneChallenge, was inspired by Stein Edlund. They also created a TikTok account set to the track Never Be the Same by C. Cabello. One of their other popular TikTok videos was the one they made on their 13th birthday.

On January 1, 2013, the sisters created their YouTube channel. The channel, which mostly focuses on content such as makeup routines, life vlogs, and travel vlogs, now has thousands of subscribers.

The sisters are equally popular on Instagram, where their account, _izaandelle_, has earned them thousands of followers. They mostly post content related to travel and friends.

Elle has also launched the merchandise brand Creative Social Club with her sister. On June 20, 2017, the sisters set a world record. With the help of IFK Stocksund, their football club, they gathered 114 girls to dance. This was the largest number of girls dancing in one Musical.ly (now TikTok) video. The same year, the sisters crossed 1.5 million followers on Musical.ly, becoming the biggest Swedish account on the platform.

They’ve also won several awards, such as the 2019 Nickelodeon Sweden’s Favorite Influencer. They have been featured in the book Tvillingboken by Susanne Nylén, have represented Generation Pep, and have promoted brands such as EF Education First Sverige.

Family Life

Elle is one of the three daughters of Lell and Stina Cryssanthander. Apart from her identical twin, Iza, Elle has another sister, Smilla, who is a social media sensation, an editor, and a cinematographer too.

The twins also have a cousin, Alexia. Elle is apparently a minute younger than Iza. Both Elle and Iza are managed by their mother.

Though identical, the sisters have some differences. Elle is a bit shorter than her sister. She also has a mark on her forehead and a mole next to her right eye. Elle sports Invisalign braces too.

To help their fans recognize them, Elle always appears on the right side of their TikTok videos, while Iza appears on the left. Elle speaks fluent English and Swedish. She also knows basic French.