Elliot Choy is an American YouTuber who gained popularity for sharing lifestyle videos about his college experience while studying at Vanderbilt University. His viewers were attracted not only to the useful information packed in his videos but also to his exemplary editing skills with time-lapses and aerial shots. After finishing college, he moved to New York City and formed the content house Ur Mom's House with fellow YouTubers Kelly Wakasa, Ashley Alexander and Annemarie Allen, but they spit in late 2022.

Early Life

Elliot Choy attended Carmel High School from 2013 to 2017 and was the president of the Orchestra Council and the section leader of Symphony Orchestra. After school graduation, he attended Vanderbilt University and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Human and Organizational Development, Business in 2021. There, he was the vice president of Alpha Kappa Psi Omega Nu Chapter fraternity, was on the board of Vanderbilt Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society, and was a member of the Asian American Student Association.


While still in high school, Elliot Choy founded his first company, C.reate, in May 2017. In November that year, he founded another company named Devôr. During his senior year in high school, he wanted to learn more about the Vanderbilt experience from a student’s perspective, but could not find any other resource except Stories From the Vandy Van on the channel Foolin' Around Vandy. He decided to fill the gap by recording his daily life at the university starting in his junior year with the video A Day In My Life at Vanderbilt University in November 2018. The video was very popular, with nearly three million views currently, and encouraged him to expand his channel to include college advice, life hacks and vlogs. His video, Giving Harvard Students an iPhone 11 If They Can Answer THIS Question, posted in November 2019, earned him 388K new subscribers and generated $90k from YouTube’s AdSense program. He also made a video about his experience of working as the product management intern at the startup The H Hub in New York City in 2019. He also founded a clothing company called Copyright.

Ur Mom's House

After finishing college, Elliot Choy shifted to Manhattan, New York City, and moved into a gigantic apartment with fellow college YouTubers Kelly Wakasa, Ashley Alexander and Annemarie Allen, whom he met via YouTube-related trips. After college ended for all of them, they formed the content house, Ur Mom's House, named after Alexander’s internet alias, “ur mom ashley”, in late 2021 to explore new types of content together. The group subsequently became known for their casual daily vlogs and prank challenges, but they split by October 2022 after Choy, who was cited in videos as pulling the house together, moved out of the apartment following a feud among the members. Allen had previously moved out in May to do her own thing.

Family Life

Elliot Choy has two sisters, one of whom is a lawyer and the other a businesswoman. He is interested in power-lifting and skateboarding.