American teenage YouTuber Emily Gonzalez is best known for her collaborative YouTube channel, Sister Forever, which she started with her elder sister, Alisson, in 2016. The sisters were initially helped by their mother, Yailenys, in creating content for their channel. Emily and her sister are known for their funny school supply hauls, challenges, and lifestyle clips. They later launched a family vlog channel, SisterForeverVlogs. The siblings have also featured their dog, Coco, in many of their videos.

Early Life

Emily Gonzalez is from Florida, US. She’s Hispanic by origin. Initially, she and her sister, Alisson, recorded videos on their iPad but did not post any of them. In May 2016, they eventually launched their YouTube channel.

Social Media Career

Emily Gonzalez shot to fame with her collaborative YouTube channel, Sister Forever, which she launched with her elder sister, Alisson. Together, the sisters posted content such as school supply hauls, kids’ lifestyle videos, and challenges.

Emily was 7 when she started recording videos for YouTube. The first video on the channel was First time with glasses. The first video to garner over a million views was Shopping At Target ” Slime ” Ingredients ” Alisson, posted in May 2017.

Some of their other most-watched videos on the channel are Mom Can’t Say No !! Kids In Control For 24 Hours and We Only Ate Gas Station Food For 24 Hours.

The siblings launched their second channel on YouTube, SisterForeverVlogs, on September 26, 2017. Their first video on the channel, Target Halloween Adventure ” Welcome To Our First Vlog In This Channel, was posted on September 28 that year.

Two of the best-known videos on the channel are We Got In A Car Accident And Caught It On Camera and Funny Reaction After 4 Teeth Removal With Laughing Gas. While Sister Forever has gained over a million subscribers, their vlog channel too has amassed thousands of subscribers, over the years.

The sisters have also endorsed well-known brands such as the confectionery company Haribo. They are equally popular on Instagram, as sisterforever2016, though their account is managed by their parents. They have thousands of followers on the platform.

Family Life

Emily Gonzalez is one of the two daughters of YouTuber Yailenys Riveron and her husband, Rafael. Emily and her older sister, Alisson, are known for their entertaining videos on their YouTube channel.

Initially, their mother helped them record videos for YouTube. Emily is also fond of Golden Retriever dogs and has often featured her family dog, Coco, on the channel. The sisters’ mother too has a popular Instagram account, yailenysr, where she showcases content on travel, lifestyle, and her family.

Emily is known for her center-parted hair and her oval face. She is fond of the color blue and loves pizza too.