American YouTuber, vlogger, and entrepreneur Emma Marie shot to fame with her self-titled YouTube channel. She has also been part of her family YouTube channel, Emma and Ellie’s Family, which features her parents and her sister, Ellie. Most of her content consists of shopping hauls, challenges, DIY videos, beauty vlogs, fitness tips, travel vlogs, and fashion tutorials. Emma has also partnered with Dote to launch her own clothing line and has an online clothing store named Outfitted Threadz.

Early Life

Toledo-born Emma Marie was 6 when she became an all-star cheerleader. By age 11, she had attained the level-4 senior cheerleading team of her high school.

Social Media Career

Emma Marie had already become a known face on social media through her family channel, Emma and Ellie’s Family, which was launched on June 25, 2015. The channel mostly featured her and her younger sister, Ellie, as they shot vlogs about their daily lives. The channel featured cheer dance clips, DIY videos, pet videos, challenges, crafts, and shopping hauls, and amassed over a million subscribers.

On February 5, 2016, Emma launched her personal YouTube channel, Emma Marie’s World, which is now a self-titled channel. This channel too has garnered more than a million subscribers and features content such as travel vlogs, daily vlogs, routines, beauty vlogs, health tips, shopping, fashion tutorials, and mukbang videos.

Emma initially mostly posted on Saturdays and Sundays, so that she got enough time during her school schedule on weekdays to think about new content ideas. She once stated she is hugely inspired by YouTubers Gabi Butler, Bailey McKnight, and Brooklyn.

Emma later also launched her own fashion line, partnering with the clothing app Dote. Emma posts her style recommendations and trends on the fashion influencer incubator’s app. The app also features her Hello Vibes by Emma collection, which includes hoodies, chokers, and T-shirts. Emma and her family also have an online clothing store, Outfitted Threadz, which sells fashionable clothing for young women, teens, and pre-teens.

Emma is also popular on Instagram and Facebook, where she has thousands of followers. She has amassed millions of followers on TikTok too and has promoted several top-notch brands, such as rue 21, Forever 21, Aéropostale, and Kohl’s, through her social media channels.

Family Life

Emma is quite close to her mother, YouTube star Heather Delucio, and her stepfather, Mark. Her younger sister, Ellie, too is a YouTube star in her own right. Emma has previously dated a boy named Ryan.

Apart from cheerleading, Emma is fond of fashion, vlogging, and gymnastics. An animal lover, she owns a dog and three guinea pigs. She is also known to be allergic to cashew nuts.