American beauty and fashion vlogger, influencer, and YouTuber Emma Monden is best known for her content on fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Her self-titled channel on YouTube has gained her thousands of subscribers. She also reviews lifestyle and fashion products on her Amazon storefront and has partnered with several high-end fashion brands. She has scores of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok too. However, she has been a victim of social media burnout in the past and has taken long breaks from her online world.

Early Life

Emma Monden is from California. She has been a student of the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and is a business administration major, with a specialization in marketing.

Social Media Career

Emma started her YouTube channel back in December 2012. Her first video on the channel was What I Got for Christmas 2012! Previously known as thebeautyfashionbabe, the channel is now self-titled. Most of her content on the channel is on fashion and beauty. She also posts DIY clips, slime videos, lifestyle vlogs, and challenges.

One of her best-known videos on the channel is Things Your Best Friend Does That You HATE!, which has garnered millions of views. She has also featured fellow beauty vlogger Amanda Steele on her channel. Emma’s channel has, over the years, amassed thousands of subscribers.

Emma is also an official influencer on Amazon, where she owns a storefront and earns commission on her reviews of beauty and lifestyle products.

She has thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram too. Her fans are known as “EmmaNems.” She has also partnered with top-notch fashion brands, such as HelloFresh, Universal Orlando Resort, Cheerios, Princess Polly, and VS PINK.

However, social media burnout made Emma take a break from the online world for a couple of months in 2021.

Family Life

Emma grew up with a younger brother named Blake. She has often featured Blake in her videos