American YouTuber, actor, rapper, podcaster, and former Viner Enya Umanzor initially gained fame on the now-defunct platform Vine. She later switched to YouTube, where she gained fame with her content related to beauty, fashion, comedy, rants, and other topics. Enya, also known as enjajaja, is a rapper and co-hosts a podcast too. She has also endorsed several high-end fashion and beauty brands and has acted in a few projects.

Early Life

Miami-born Enya Umanzor is of Spanish origin. She was 5 when she aspired to become a model, inspired by America’s Next Top Model. At 7, she wanted to be a radio host. She later moved from Florida to Granbury, Texas.

In 2017, Enya decided not to attend college. Her father doubted her decision but let her choose her path.

Social Media Career

Enya was initially known as enjajaja, an online pseudonym she invented. Her YouTube channel of the same name was launched on May 24, 2014. While she mostly posted content on make-up and beauty, her channel also showcased challenges, rants, comedy, fashion, ASMR, and reviews. Over time, she gained over a million subscribers on her channel.

However, much before she even became popular on YouTube, she had gained immense popularity on the now-defunct app Vine. Her first Vine video, This fandom, was posted on November 20, 2013. Before Vine wound up in 2017, Enya had more than 500,000 followers on the platform.

Emma is also immensely popular on Instagram, where her account, enyaumanzor, has amassed over a million followers.

She and her cousin, YouTuber Drew Phillips, later launched the comedy podcast Emergency Intercom. It featured their unfiltered discussions on topics such as sex and narcissism.

She and Drew have collaborated on tracks such as Bye Jake (2017), TAY K DISS TRACK (2017), and Toilet Water (2018). Enya used another pseudonym, Enyuh, to perform as a rapper in these tracks. In February 2018, she and Drew collaborated with YouTuber and podcaster Emma Chamberlain. In 2019, Emma appeared as Fiona in the popular Brat series Stuck.

Enya has also been part of campaigns for top-notch fashion brands such as Celine, Bimba Y Lola, and Prada. She has also appeared on the Miu Miu Show and has endorsed brands such as C/O Vitamins and Audible.

Family Life

Enya Umanzor grew up with her four siblings: her sisters, Sophia and Natalie, and her brothers, Dontae and Leo. Her father singlehandedly raised Enya and her siblings, while working two jobs.

In August 2017, Enya began dating singer and social media celebrity Roy Blair. In 2022, they apparently parted ways.

Enya is close to her cousin and social media sensation Drew Phillips. In July 2018, the two moved in together. Enya and Drew now co-own a white cat named Azul.

In late 2018, Enya had dyed her hair orange and bleached her eyebrows too. Following this, she received a lot of negative comments on her looks.

Back in 2015, Enya did not wish to get a tattoo. However, she later got inked multiple times. Enya once revealed she is scared of moths.

Enya is also known as Ernie, Cookie, and Space Candy.