Everly Joy Lambert is an American child who is the daughter of YouTuber Maddie Lambert. She has been appearing on her mother’s various social media profiles, including her YouTube channel, Maddie Lambert, and Instagram profile @maddieelambertt, since her birth. She also features on the Instagram profile of Randy Crowley, @enderdragonslayerr69randyc, whom her mother is currently dating. She previously had her own Instagram profile, @everlyjoylambert, which is not active anymore.

Social Media Journey

Everly Joy Lambert was the reason why her mother, Maddie, started her eponymous YouTube channel at the age of 14. Maddie, who had a beauty channel titled MaddiesMakeup88 since 2013, when she was 10, created the new channel in August 2017, while she was pregnant with Everly, in order to use the platform to tell her story. Shortly after the birth of Everly in January 2018, she posted the first video, Single Mom at 14: My Story, in May 2018, not to encourage teen pregnancy, but to raise awareness about how young girls who find themselves in a similar situation can get through it with grace.

Since then, Maddie has uploaded all sorts of videos including daily routines with the daughter, shopping videos, travel videos and collaborative vlogs with family, detailing her experience as a teen mother and has featured Everly regularly on her videos since the first one. Everly also features on her mother’s Instagram profile, @maddieelambertt, and had her personal Instagram, @everlyjoylambert.


The journey of Everly Joy Lambert and her mother on social media has not been a smooth one. While her father, Isaac Frausto, came back to see her in November 2018, her parents did not get back together. In fact, they started fighting over spending time with Everly and decided to seek legal advice. In 2019, allegedly from second-hand information, Maddie became concerned that Isaac might be on drugs, and hired an attorney for her daughter's safety. Unfortunately, in the ensuing legal case, the judge determined that Maddie’s Instagram profile and YouTube channel, where Maddie could be seen breastfeeding Everly, endangered the baby. However, many who followed her regularly agreed that the issue was not about breastfeeding, but the fact that she was using her child for her content, forcing Everly to give up privacy without consent. With help from the court, Maddie and Isaac have been able to figure out a way to co-parent Everly.

Family Life

Everly Joy Lambert was conceived when her mother, Maddie Lambert, was 13 years old, although she initially mentioned that she was 14 then. Everly’s parents, Maddie and Isaac, who are of similar age, dated for only a few months in 2017 and Maddie found out about her pregnancy after they broke up.

Although Maddie’s parents were very supportive of her, upon learning about the pregnancy, Isaac wanted her to abort it and also wanted a paternity test. Maddie is currently in a relationship with a guy named Randy Crowley, who acts as Everly’s step-father and regularly appears in their pictures and videos.