Fabio Capri is a Mexico-born social media star, model and entrepreneur based in the United States who is best known for his funny videos about modeling on his TikTok profile @fabiocapri. He is also active on the Instagram handle @fabiiocapri, where he primarily posts fashion pictures and selfies. He often live-streams on his eponymous YouTube channel, apart from sharing occasional videos about himself and his passion: fashion and vintage clothing. He founded the vintage clothing business Capri Closet LLC.

Early Life

Before starting modeling, Fabio Capri had a part-time job and even tried to start a business. However, when that didn’t work the way he intended, he found a niche in the fashion industry and everything fell in place. He is a very hard working individual who is motivated to be at the very top and actively seeks out both advice and criticism to improve himself. He went so far as to state, “I’ll be a student forever”.


Soon after starting his modeling career, Fabio Capri joined various social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok in January 2019. He featured snaps from his modeling gigs and selfies on his Instagram profile. On his TikTok, he started sharing situational skits about modeling that became very popular. He later started making videos about relationships, covering dating and friendship, as well as videos about dance trends and viral challenges, which were also very popular on the platform. His video, POV: passing the aux to your cousin from Mexico, went viral and earned him nearly 5 million views. His other popular videos on the platform include Straightening my hair and GEWM to prank my hispanic mom. He has stated that his goal on social media is to inspire people and make them laugh. After finding success in modeling and on social media, he again set up a small business called Capri Closet LLC to sell vintage clothing and streetwear, often from his own collection, to promote a sustainable brand.

Fabio Capri joined YouTube in March 2021 and uploaded his first video, dont watch this, in May that year. In the video, he promoted his clothing store and described it as his primary job. Instead of a model, he introduced himself as someone who likes his pictures being taken and further expressed his goal to be the number one male model in the US. He has continued to post more videos on the channel, providing behind-the-scenes look at his modeling, making videos about shopping hauls, fashion vlogs, skits, Q&A’s and more. Although he has uploaded less than a dozen videos in over two years, he regularly streams on YouTube, covering fashion, foods, and games among other topics. He launched his musical career with his latest video, Fabio Capri - Delirio (Official Video), posted on June 30, 2023.

Family Life

Although Fabio Capri was born in Mexico, he was raised in Phoenix, Arizona, United States. He grew up with three younger brothers. He has featured his grandmother (nana) and his brothers on his TikTok videos.