American gamer and social media star FaZe Sway shot to global fame with his Fortnite gameplays and commentary on his popular gaming channel, FaZe Sway. He was quite famous in the gaming circle even before he joined the gaming collective FaZe Clan. However, he revealed his face only after joining FaZe Clan. He is quite popular on Instagram too and owns the e-sports team Chronic. FaZe Sway is also known for his unique Dark Bomber gaming skin.

Early Life

FaZe Sway’s real name is Josue, and he is of Puerto Rican descent. Though born in the US, he later moved to Mexico. In March 2017, long before he shot to fame as a gamer on social media, he posted his debut YouTube video, Easy De Atomizer.

Social Media Career

FaZe Sway shot to fame with his Fortnite playthroughs, commentary videos, and montages on his YouTube channel, FaZe Sway. He launched his channel in June 2013 and has since gained millions of followers. His first Fortnite video that got a million views was titled FaZe Sway vs Ghost Aydan.

He had already gained fame as a gamer before he joined the gaming collaborative FaZe Clan in March 2019. The digital media platform Dexerto covered the news of his joining the group. In fact, he was the FaZe Clan’s youngest member until 13-year-old H1ghsky1 joined then by the end of March that year.

Interestingly, Sway had not revealed his face online until he joined FaZe Clan. On April 2, 2019, he eventually showed his face in a video named FAZE SWAY FACE REVEAL “OFFICIAL” on the YouTube channel Amp Gaming.

Some of his best-known videos on YouTube are FaZe Sway vs FaZe Mongraal, Sway's Settings, Handcam, FaZe Sway Highground Retakes Tutorial v2 with HANDCAM!…, Console Record Mongraal Course – 3:03, 34 Kills Season 9 On Controller, FaZe Sway HANDCAM!.., and Evolution of FaZe Sway Season 1-10. He has also collaborated with other FaZe Clan members such as Cizzorz.

He is equally popular on Instagram, where one of his first posts was made on March 21, 2019. He owns the e-sports team Chronic and is sponsored by the gaming controller brand AimControllers. He has millions of followers on Twitter too.

FaZe Sway is known for his signature Dark Bomber skin, his editing skills, and his aiming precision in the game. FaZe Sway’s creator-code in the Fortnite shop is YoSway. He has also promoted brands such as G FUEL Energy Formula.

Family Life

FaZe Sway grew up with his older brother and two younger sisters. He is known to fans for his signature thick eyebrows and lean appearance.