Frenchrxses is an American YouTube sensation who shot to fame with her Roblox-themed gameplay videos on YouTube. Her fans love her pink-themed, aesthetic Bloxburg building tutorials. She is also known for her long-term collaboration with fellow YouTuber and Roblox gamer Anix. Frenchrxses’s obsession with pink has been proved by the pink outfit that her avatar wears on social media. Apart from YouTube, she is also popular on Instagram. However, she has not revealed much about her identity or family on social media.

Early Life

American YouTuber and social media content creator Frenchrxses was born Noelle. Almost nothing is known about her early life or origin. In June 2018, in one of her earliest clips, she featured an oceanic mansion build.

Social Media Career

Frenchrxses launched her YouTube channel on June 16, 2018. Two weeks later, she posted her debut YouTube video. She soon shot to fame with her Roblox gameplay videos, especially the ones that feature the game Welcome to Bloxburg.

Her content on Welcome to Bloxburg consists of challenges, roleplays, and building tutorials. Most of her building tutorial videos, such as Building a COZY COTTAGE in Bloxburg, Building an Ice Cream Shop in Bloxburg w/ Anix & Faulty, and Building a Fancy Restaurant in Bloxburg w/ Anix & Faulty, have become immensely popular because of their aesthetic themes and detailed structures and designs.

She uses top-notch software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Camtasia to create and edit her content. Previously, she often used NCH and Windows Movie Maker to create her eye-catching videos. She uses the Roblox star code “rose.” She is also known for her frequent collaborations with Canadian YouTuber and fellow Roblox gamer Anix.

She once called herself a “sparkly weave woman.” Her elaborate Bloxburg houses are known for their frequent use of the color pink. She has also sold apparel for various Roblox characters on social media.

Over the years, Frenchrxses has garnered thousands of subscribers on YouTube. She is equally popular on Instagram and Twitter and has amassed thousands of followers on both the platforms. Her Instagram account, frenchrxsesyt, mostly uploads beautiful shots of her pink-themed Roblox buildings. Even her girly avatar that she uses on her social media platforms wears a pink outfit. Frenchrxses has not yet revealed her face on social media.

Family Life

Frenchrxses has successfully kept her private life away from social media. She seems to be quite secretive about her personal life and relationships.

She is known for her love for the color pink and is a fan of Tim Hortons coffee. She once stated on Twitter that she was a “hopeless romantic.”