American gamer and YouTuber Zachary Graser, better known as Graser, shot to fame with his Minecraft and Roblox gaming videos. He formed the Club Penguin character Graser 10. He grew to name his first YouTube channel Graser 10 but later renamed it Graser. He has also posted content as part of the YouTube gaming collective The Cube.

Early Life

Zachary Graser, who goes by the name of Graser on social media, had a pretty interesting childhood. He would apparently learn picture books by heart and read them to people later.

While in school, Graser actually aspired to be a bus driver. He had his first brush with filming when he was 8. He also memorized all the dialogues of The Joker from every film of the Batman movie series and would often re-enact the role in front of his friends.

At 10, he formed Graser10, a character in the game Club Penguin. He later ended up naming his YouTube channel Graser10.

Social Media Career

In April 2007, Graser launched his YouTube channel and named it Graser 10. Initially most of his content on the channel would be about the game Club Penguin. Graser was also known for his Poptropica walkthroughs. In fact, his first few videos on YouTube earned him his first income and he was finally able to buy his first set of computers.

Over the years, Graser focused on posting Minecraft-related videos on his YouTube channel. He also formed a secondary channel, titled GraserPlays, where he posted videos related to GTA 5. However, he later switched to posting Roblox-related videos. He now maintains two channels on YouTube, his Minecraft-related primary channel and the channel Graser Roblox, where he posts Roblox-oriented content.

He calls his huge fan base Biznatchez affectionately. His fans have named him Graze. Graser is also part of the YouTube gaming collective named The Cube, which includes top-notch gamers such as MineplexOfficial, Kiingtong, and HBomb94. He is equally popular on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram.

Graser’s face was first revealed in a 2014 photo on Twitter. The photo was uploaded by HBomb94 and was clicked when they were at PAX Prime. Graser also showed a photo of his earlier days in The Cube SMP’s 100th episode. Graser eventually posted his first face-cam clip in September 2015.

Family Life

Graser grew up with his two siblings: his older half-brother, Adam, and his younger brother, Josh. He is especially close to his mother, Donna.

Graser once had three cats, namely Marley, Shadow, and Max. After Shadow died in 2018, he got a new cat named Freya.

Graser was terribly scared of heights but later overcame this phobia. After a visit to the US for attending the Gaming Culture Festival in 2014, he became an avid traveler. Since then, he has been to several national and international venues, such as New York, Paris, London, Boston, and Los Angeles.

He is known for his signature smile and two moles, one around his lips and the other above his left eyebrow.