American TikTok sensation Harley Haisley shot to global fame with her hand dance routines and lip sync videos on TikTok. The teen social media celebrity started her journey on TikTok in 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Her previous TikTok account was named ledarycom, while she is now on TikTok as harleyhaisleyyy. Harley is also popular on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify. However, in spite of her social media fame, Harley has been quite secretive of her personal life and relationships.

Early Life

Harley Haisley is from Carmel, Indiana, US. Not much is known about her early life.

In March 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging across the globe, and long before she became a social media sensation, Harley debuted on TikTok. One of her first videos on the platform was a hand dance performance set to the track Outta There by Moe.

Social Media Career

Harley Haisley shot to fame with her entertaining lip syncs and dance clips on TikTok. Her previous account on the platform was named ledarycom. Her current account on TikTok, harleyhaisleyyy, has amassed millions of followers.

Harley is also known for a series of TikTok videos that had her decked up in makeup inspired by Harley Quinn, a popular fictional DC Comics character. She also once made a TikTok video set to American rapper Anderson Paak's track Heart Don't Stand a Chance.

Harley is equally popular on Instagram. Her account on the platform, harley_haisley, has gained thousands of followers. She is also on Twitter and Spotify.

Family Life

Not much is known about Harley’s personal life. However, it appears from her Instagram posts that she is dating someone.