Harrison Webb is a British social media influencer who is known for his self-titled You Tube channel. His parody music videos, funny challenge videos as well as food related content here have earned him huge fan following on the platform. He is followed in large numbers on other social media platforms like Twitch, TikTok and Instagram as well. He has also released his cookbook titled H’s Cookbook.

Early Life

Harrison Webb went to Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. There he trained in acting and also worked on his tap-dancing skills. In the LAMDA examinations, he obtained three distinctions and was awarded the ‘Sylvia Young Award’.

Social Media Career

Harrison Webb gained fame by posting parody music videos as well as funny challenge videos on his You Tube channel. On his self-titled You Tube channel, which he launched in May 2011, he now primarily shares food related videos – food reviews, cooking challenges, food recipes and mukbang. He also has another You Tube channel – harrisonwebbLIVE (launched in January 2021) – where he uploads more food related videos.

In 2022, he published his cookbook titled H’s Cookbook.

Harrison Webb’s popularity has led him to appear in several television shows, though they have been uncredited. He has also had minor roles in movies like The Hogfather, The Bill, and Harry Potter.

Family Life

Harrison Webb has a younger brother whose name is Anderson Webb. They frequently collaborate for You Tube videos. His aunt, Amy Liang, is a hairstylist.


Harrison Webb is fond of Indian food.