American gaming YouTuber Katherine Elizabeth initially gained fame with her Minecraft-related videos, such as tutorials, Let’s Plays, and gaming tips. She later also focused on games such as Roblox and The Sims and even launched a second YouTube channel dedicated to her Roblox videos. She has been part of many MC Championships, partnering with several fellow gamers. She also sells her own merchandise online. However, she has been quite secretive of her personal life.

Early Life

Katherine Elizabeth is from the US. In August 2016, long before she became a gaming sensation online, Katherine launched her YouTube channel.

Social Media Career

Katherine shot to fame with her self-titled YouTube channel, which she launched on August 6, 2016. Initially known as Katherine Elizabeth Gaming, the channel focused on content related to Minecraft. One of her best-known videos, Minecraft HOTEL! Craftin' w/ Katherine Ep. 38, posted in March 2019, has received over a million views. A video featuring her avatar spending 100 nights in a Minecraft world, posted in February 2021, has managed to garner more than 4 million views.

Over the years, she has managed to gain more than 1.6 million subscribers on the channel with the help of her Minecraft tips, tutorials, and Let's Plays. She has been part of Minecraft servers such as X Life SMP and Empires SMP.

Apart from Minecraft, Katherine has also posted content on other games, such as Roblox and The Sims. In fact, she has a separate channel, Katherine Elizablox, dedicated to her Roblox videos. The channel, launched on August 19, 2022, publishes Roblox videos every week and has already managed to gain thousands of subscribers.

She has also participated in MC Championships, partnering with other gamers such as SeaPeeKay, FalseSymmetry, Rendog, and InTheLittleWood. She is also quite popular on Twitter and sells her own brand of merchandise, such as plush toys and keychains, online.

Family Life

Not much is known about Katherine’s personal life. However, it is known that she has been in a relationship with a guy named Chris Woods.