Lauren Norris is an American YouTuber who gained popularity as a college vlogger and is primarily known for her vlogs and lifestyle videos on the platform. She is also a blogger who writes about fashion, home, travel and lifestyle on her website, which also doubles as the online shop for her merchandise. She is active on Instagram and TikTok with the handle @thelaurennorris.

Early Life

Lauren Norris took a couple of gap years before attending college and started her freshman year at the University of Alabama at the age of 21 in 2019. In a YouTube video from October 2020, she mentioned that she was a human development major with a child life concentration, and was on track to become a child life specialist, but did mention considering changing her major to something related to marketing or entrepreneurship. According to her LinkedIn profile, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia in 2023. She was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority house at the university.


After enrolling into university, Lauren Norris began vlogging about her college life on YouTube, starting with her first upload, COLLEGE MOVE IN VLOG! | University of Alabama, on Aug 13, 2019. She continued to vlog about her day-to-day life as a student and sorority sister and received her first paycheck in October. With the money, she instantly bought her first vlogging camera and has not looked back ever since. According to her, although everyone around her thought she was crazy, she knew exactly what she wanted. After three years of vlogging on YouTube, she had managed to build a brand and signed with a talent agency. She hired a part-time editor and a team of girls to help her manage her business.

She started blogging on the website shortly after starting her YouTube career and later mentioned that she wanted to revamp it. She later discontinued it and launched the website which now serves as her blog for fashion, home, lifestyle and travel, as well as an online store for her to sell her merchandise such as stickers, wallpapers, clothes and accessories. She also sells merchandise through Amazon and Depop.

Family Life

Lauren Norris is a talented singer who did theatre in her youth and hopes to release a song someday. She is a cat person who had a cat named Mr. Wiggles while growing up, but it died when she was 15-16. She is not very fond of dogs, probably because she was bitten in the face by one when she was five. She was obsessed with getting a ragdoll cat for years.

She has been in a longtime relationship with Will Camp and the two have known each other since she was in first grade and he in fourth grade in elementary school. They also knew and followed each other on social media during high school. They began talking, and eventually dating, after he once said “hi” to her on Snapchat.